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Friday’s Truths: Hard lessons

This has been a week.  No.  Really.  It has been a WEEK. I move into the weekend tired and beat down.  Yet, I’m motivated and a little renewed as well.  For as hard as this week was, some lessons came from it. Sometimes you just have to let the shit hit the fan…even if it … Continue reading

Friday’s Truths: Confessions of an Illusionist

Tomorrow will mark 8 weeks since my mother passed away.  That’s 56 days of living without my mother being physically present. Every. Single. Day. I wonder how I’ve made it through another day without her here. But I found a bit of truth tonight.  It sort of hit me upside the head.  Actually, I think … Continue reading

Friday’s Truths – Who does the watching?

We are now moving very steadily into the heart of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere. The signs are evident: The leaves are returning to the trees. The birds and the squirrels are coming out of hiding and demanding their treats. The flowers are poking up. The front lawn gets mowed every weekend – and TruGreen … Continue reading