Well, we’ve reached November 30th and this will be my 30th blog post for the month. That means I have completed the National Blog Posting Month challenge.


I was able to get through a number of book reviews, which was a goal of mine. I still have some left on my list, but I checked of a good portion. Admittedly, some of those posts were super boring – as I have no doubt this one is. But, I challenged myself to write and post something ever day. And I did that. 

As always, my hope is that this will encourage me to post to my blog more often. That hasn’t always happened in years past. But I remain hopeful. Perhaps I’ll try a NaBloPoMo challenge more often throughout the year. I mean, technically, every month is National Blog Posting Month. It just so happens that the most popular month is November – to coincide with NaNoWriMo. 

I’ve done it before. I believe it was in 2012, perhaps, that I challenged myself to post every day for the month of March. I just wanted to see if I could do it. That was back before I knew about NaBloPoMo. So, I have it in me to set my own challenges. It’s just a matter of doing it. I think I’ll ponder that a bit more in 2019. 

I do enjoy the writing, most of the time. The biggest battles for me were the days when I really didn’t feel the creative drive – when I didn’t have the spark of an idea. But, I felt forced to come up with something because I had to post. Perhaps without that putting that kind of pressure on myself, I’ll find more success. We’ll see.

For now I’m just going to be happy that I got through the 30 days of November successfully. 


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