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GCLS 2014 – Portland, OR

GCLS 2014 – Portland, OR

Well, it’s that time of year again. Time for what I call “The Annual Lesbian Hug Fest” – also known as the Golden Crown Literary Society Annual Conference. This is the one event I look forward to each year.  It serves as my vacation.  Each year the conference is held in a different part of … Continue reading


It’s been advertised and promoted pretty extensively, so by now you all should know that Georgia Beers is the Key Note Speaker at the Conference this year.   I’m super excited about this.  I’m looking forward to hearing what Georgia has to say – because I have absolutely no doubt that it will be worth hearing. … Continue reading

GCLS Author Guest Vlog: CARSEN TAITE

Carsen Taite is this year’s Special Speaker at the Dallas Conference.  This excites me!  I happen to think that Carsen is a very witty, fascinating person.  If the novels she writes are any indication, she leads an interesting life as an attorney!   I met Carsen at Women’s Week in PTown in 2009.  It probably … Continue reading


My strongest memory of Andi Marquette was at one of the conferences in Orlando – I can’t remember which one.  Might have been 2010.  Anyway, I remember Andi at the awards dance – she was the DJ.  Andi isn’t one of those DJs who hangs out by the equipment and simply changes the music.  Oh, … Continue reading


I’ve met Jessie Chandler a couple of time…in passing.  I say “in passing” because the woman is never still!  Constantly running around.  Continuous movement.  Always something to do.  Always somewhere to be.  I honestly remember being out of breath once as I watched her scoot around the vendor room. Another noticeable trait…Jessie always seems to be … Continue reading

GCLS Author Guest Blog: R.G. EMANUELLE

In the course of posting these guest blogs, how many times have I written, “I’ve never met…” about an author?  Too many times to count, I’m sure.   However, this time it’s different because…I’ve truly never met R.G. Emanuelle.  In fact, I’m a bit embarrassed to say, she just came onto my radar quite recently … Continue reading

GCLS Author Guest Blog: BL MILLER

So, I’ve never met BL Miller.  (Shocking, I know.  Because I’ve NEVER made mention that  I haven’t met an author.)   But, in a way, I have met her.  Confusing, right?  Let me ‘splain. Like many of us, I am friends on Facebook with many people -authors and readers, alike.  I’ve not met the great … Continue reading