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Goldie Season – It’s worth a share

If you’ve ever felt compelled to share one of my blog posts, I urge you to please share this one. Share it far and wide! Ask your friends to share it, too. If you’ve ever gotten even the slightest bit of pleasure or knowledge from something I’ve written about on this site, please do me the favor of sharing this. 

One of the things that the Golden Crown Literary Society is known for is the Annual Conference. The conference culminates in the Annual Goldie Awards. Every year, the GCLS recognizes excellence in lesbian-themed literature by awarding the authors and artists who bring us so much joy throughout the year. 

What makes the Goldies stand out? How are they different than, say, the Lambda Literary Awards? (Which, by the way, is a fantastic awards program.)

Well, GCLS focuses on lesbian-themed literature. GCLS represents the “L” in LGBTQ+. I’ve looked around and I can’t find another awards program that recognizes lesbian-themed literature as extensively as the GCLS. (If you know of one -with a category listing as extensive – please let me know. I want to be aware of it.)

Two awards – the Ann Bannon Popular Choice and the Tee Corinne Award for Outstanding Cover Design – are voted on my the GCLS membership. All other categories are judged by a 5-person panel (in each category) of readers, authors, and editors. We currently have NINETEEN categories spanning fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. You can see the list – along with descriptions and judging guidelines – by clicking HERE. There are plans in the future to add even more categories. 

Here’s the thing: Everyone who submits a nomination for a lesbian-themed book to any other awards program should also be submitting to the GCLS awards program. There is nothing, anywhere, that says someone can only submit to for one award at a time. Each organization has different processes for determining the recipients of awards. So, it only behooves authors to submit to multiple programs – it widens the opportunities for recognition. 

PLUS – and this is really cool – the nomination page for the GCLS not only lists the books nominated in each category, it has a link for each book for people who want to buy it! So, it’s not just about trying to win an award. It’s about getting  your book title – and purchasing link – in front of people who read!! 

So, really, what are you waiting for? Get those nominations in! ANYONE can nominate a book. You don’t have to be an author. If you’ve read a lesbian-themed book that was published in 2018, you can nominate it for an award! It’s a simple process, really. 

The final deadline is on December 31, 2018. See all of the necessary information about guidelines, eligibility, process, etc. on the Golden Crown Literary Society Awards page. If you have questions – ANY questions – about the awards, the process, etc., just send an email to The Administrators are helpful and will be happy to answer  your questions.

But, most of all, get in the nominations!  AND, PLEASE, SHARE THIS BLOG POST!

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