I’ve had a fairly long, busy day today. Thus, this is going to be a short entry.

The day was spent getting things ready for Books and Boots, which is happening tomorrow. Then, we headed over to the hotel to meet up with the authors and other attendees. 

It was a lively group. There were many hugs and so many conversations. Gosh, it was nice.

Most of my friends live in different parts of the country. So, the only time I get to see them, is at events like this. The annual conference is the big event – five days, dozens upon dozens of people, and books. Even the introverts among us gird our loins and go headlong into the crowd. 

This is a much smaller event. It’s only one day and there will be a fraction of the people. But it’s still a great gathering and an opportunity to see friends…and make new ones.

Tonight I had conversations that included topics surrounding books, movies, politics, and travel. Many conversations with many people. I hope I get to do the same tomorrow. I’m sure I will. 

Hopefully I will have a lot to tell you in tomorrow’s blog entry. With luck, I’ll have some pictures to share, too. I just need to remember to pull out the phone and put it on camera mode. If you’re at Books and Boots tomorrow, remind me to do that, okay? I always forget about pictures. 

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