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REVIEW:  “Just Three Words” by Melissa Brayden

REVIEW: “Just Three Words” by Melissa Brayden

I’ve been pretty busy for the past year or so. My Board obligations with the Golden Crown Literary Society have kept me hopping.  Because of  this, my time for reading books and reviewing them has been cut pretty substantially. But, I am determined to get back on track and caught up! That said, I decided to … Continue reading

REVIEW: “Firework” by Melissa Brayden

REVIEW: “Firework” by Melissa Brayden

The drive between Chicago, IL and San Diego, CA is a long one. Quite a bit of that journey is spent in very wide-open spaces – plains, prairies, deserts. There’s not a lot to see, really – particularly if one has traveled that route multiple times. So, I’m really glad that I had some audio … Continue reading

My Big Fat Review

I saw “My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2” yesterday. I liked it. Was it as magical as the first movie? No. Sequels rarely are. BUT, this was fun and it was funny. It was like an hour and a half of laughing with old friends. They weren’t kidding – EVERYONE came back for this movie. … Continue reading