I am 46 years old and currently live in the Chicago suburbs.  I prefer the White Sox over the Cubs, but when it comes right down to it, I’m in support of all Chicago teams.  However, it must be said that I don’t really follow any particular sports teams.

I have undergraduate and graduate degrees from Texas Christian University in Communication as well as a graduate degree in Theatre from Bowling Green State University.  I also attended Southern Illinois University at Carbondale for doctoral studies – I did not complete the degree because I did not write the dissertation.  (I fell out of love with Academia.  Since that was the only reason I was pursuing the degree, I decided not to continue.)

I worked as an Account Manager  for a Recruitment Process Outsourcing company until June 2014. Prior to that, I spent 12 years teaching at the university level – specializations in Communication, Public Speaking, Performance.  I’m currently unemployed (voluntarily).

I’m an avid reader of lesbian fiction and fan fiction (Xena and Buffy).  However, my tastes are pretty broad – if a good story is being told, then I’m probably reading it.

Though I have a number of reviews on this blog (books, movies, theatre), I am not a professional reviewer.  I do not get paid for reviews.  I do not even get free books for reviews. (If I am given a pre-release review copy, I still purchase the book when it’s released.)  I simply like sharing my thoughts with others.  

Also please note that, while my reviews are always honest and fair, I do know a number of the authors.  Some are acquaintances, some are friends via social media, and some I have come to know fairly well.  This is all through my association with the Golden Crown Literary Society.  Particularly in the Lesbian Fiction community, it is difficult to not know many of the authors.  The genre is growing, but it’s not quite that big… yet.  

Let me reiterate – the reviews on this blog are honest.  I do not allow my association with any of the authors to influence my judgement.  Some of my absolute favorite authors have received criticism in my reviews just as they have praise.  My reviews are always tempered with the knowledge that this is MY opinion.  Mine alone.

I am a member of the Golden Crown Literary Society and serve on its Board of Directors as the Director of Communications and Technology.

There are few shows that I watch on television, but I’m faithful to those I do watch:

  • Dancing With The Stars
  • Who Do You Think You Are?
  • Reign
I have two cats – Calli and Joxer.  Both are named after characters in Xena:  Warrior Princess.  They are aptly named.
UPDATE:  On February 28, I had to have Calli put to sleep.  She was the most faithful companion for 15 years – I adopted her when she was just 2 months old.  Joxer and I miss her fiercely.
UPDATE:  On April 29, I adopted two new family members – Mario and Midnight (though I call her Midi).  They will never replace Calli, but they are wonderful companions for me and Joxer.
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