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I’m totally cheating tonight…yes, yes I am.

Today has been a long and pretty busy day.  So, when I learned that the word today at is “swing”, I realized that I could stick to my challenge of posting something every day, while not having to write something from scratch.  To be honest, my brain just doesn’t want to work tonight. A … Continue reading

My kind of town…

If you took a look at my post from yesterday – If brilliance could be canned, like spam… – you probably noticed that I didn’t exactly do a lot of writing.  Instead, I gave you a list and some videos.  Some of those videos were really good.  Some of those videos were really scary.  One … Continue reading

If brilliance could be canned, like spam…

The word at today is “sweat” – UGH! What have I gotten myself into? I’ve committed myself to blogging about SWEAT?? After stepping back and thinking about it, I determined that I really don’t have to write at all. Heck, I can simply provide some information about sweat for my adoring readers – who … Continue reading