If brilliance could be canned, like spam…

The word at today is “sweat” – UGH! What have I gotten myself into? I’ve committed myself to blogging about SWEAT??

After stepping back and thinking about it, I determined that I really don’t have to write at all. Heck, I can simply provide some information about sweat for my adoring readers – who all vigilantly wait for my next post. (*cough*)

So, what I decided to do was cruise around YouTube and find 10 videos to share that have the word “sweat” either in the title of the song or the name of the artist.

This could be a fun ride…or it could be creepy…or it could be stupid. In any case, I got my post for the day. 

So, here we go.

David Guetta Ft. Snoop Dogg – Sweat

Who’s David Guetta and how did he score Snoop Dogg on his track? Oh, wait…looks like Guetta is a DJ and he mixed Snoop’s song. Okay. Whatever.

Sash! – Sweat

One commenter on YouTube said this in reference to the video: “If brilliance could be canned, like spam, this would be a can of Sweaty Sash!”
Well, it has a beat and you can dance to it.

Blood Sweat & Tears – Spinning Wheel

Check out the dude’s moves!

Keath Sweat – I Want to Love You Down

Never heard of him…never heard of the song.

Butthole Surfers – Sweat Loaf

OMG! This disturbed me so f’ing badly! I can’t believe I’m even including it here. I may end up removing it.

Skrillex & The Doors – Breakin’ a Sweat

I include this guy because he’s a Grammy winner. I heard about him for the first time actually on the Grammy Awards telecast. He creeped me out a bit, but he did seem like a cool dude.

Les Savy Fav – The Sweat Descends

Okay, another scary, creepy. I hope people keep the lead “singer” away from small children.

James Brown (Ow!) – Cold Sweat (Unh!)

Well, he’s James Brown. Isn’t that enough reason to be on this list? (Huh! Unh! Ow! I feel good!)

C & C Music Factory – Gonna Make You Sweat

This is the one you’ve been waiting for, isn’t it? It’s the first song that came into my head when I thought about “sweat” and “music” – so I’m not surprised that you’ve been pining away for a little C & C Music Factory. It’s a guilty pleasure, isn’t it?

A bonus video

It’s not really about music. No, that’s understating it. It’s not about music at all. But I think it’s a very important lesson.

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