Friday's Truths

Friday’s Truths: Plotting and Preparing and Planning….Well Poop!

For a couple of months now, my team at work has been furiously screening and interviewing candidates.  My client had a big hiring initiative – needing to fill approximately 150 positions for a new contract they were anticipating.

Of course, there was a catch.

The new business was anticipated – it wasn’t locked in.  They hadn’t gotten awarded anything yet.

But, being the excellent business partners that we are, we forged ahead…taking the risk that all of the work we were doing would be for naught.  They needed 150, but we gave them 190 to choose from.


Yes, they all get sent.  Then, when they start pouring back in, they have to be reviewed.  Of course, people don’t follow directions.  So we have to follow up with these people – via phone and/or email – to get the information.  All the while, there are 15 other locations throughout our client’s company that are also hiring.  We can’t forget those folks!

The plan was simple:  Have everything ready to go so that when/if the business was awarded, we’d be ready to rock and roll with offers so that we could hit our deadline!  We have only a week to get these 150 offers made and processed.

We did that.  We were ready.  Everything is lined up.  As much of the process is completed even in advance – with half of the submission process already completed so that we just need to fill in a few bits of information and then click “send”.  I blocked off my Saturday – the Saturday prior to a friend coming into town; the Saturday prior to my vacation – so that I could go into work and “git ‘r done!” I wanted to make sure we got as much done as possible before I left for my vacation on Wednesday.

The contract came through…the business was awarded.


I’m not going into work tomorrow.

You see, for all of the preparations that we made on behalf of our client, it’s nothing if the client is not ready.  One hiring manager just got us the salaries.  The other hiring manager won’t know what the salaries are to be until Monday.


I have just 2 more days of work before I leave for Minneapolis to attend the Golden Crown Literary Society annual conference.  In those two days, I will be up to my eyebrows in delayed work.  For those two days – rather than coming home to finish up my packing and preparing for the conference – I will be working late and, quite possibly, working more once I get home at night.

Hopefully, we’ll get it all done so that the other members of my team, who will be backing me up while I’m out, won’t get stuck with a whole bunch of last minute work.  I don’t want to have to log in while I’m on vacation, but I will.  I’m not going to leave my team in a bind like that.  They have enough work to do as it is.

One of the few times that I really plot things out, get prepared, enlist the help of others to make sure everything was in order….and it all goes kerplat!


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