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Friday’s Truths – Don’t be offensive, or you’ll be offended.

Another work week has come and gone…we lumber on to the weekend.  Well, you may skip, leap, or frolic on to the weekend.  I shall continue to lumber.  What did I learn as I’ve moved through another Friday?

  1. If your boss is losing sleep over budgets, costs, and P&L…trust me, you will soon, too.  It’s probably best to stay ahead of that mess…do whatever you can to get to a point where you can say, “Oh, that?  It didn’t cost us a thing!  Our vendors reimbursed us, the client gave us a raise, and our employees are paying US to allow them to work!”  If you can get to that…you’re golden.
  2. Never imply that Friday is of questionable origin – it will rear up and bite you in the ass.  This morning, before leaving for work, I posted the following on my Facebook page:  “Friday, I’m really glad that you’re here. Please try not to be a bastard. Thank you.”  I thought I was being polite and asking nicely.  Apparently not.  On the way to work, I was rear-ended.  Poor guy just decided not to stop at that red light.  He was very sweet and extremely apologetic.  He did a lot of damage to both of our cars.  Mine will cost about $900 to fix.  His will probably cost more.  But that was Friday’s way of getting back at me for the implication.  I would do well to remember this lesson in the future.
  3. There’s often one smart, helpful person who will make up for the other 5 who f’ed it all up.  I spent HOURS on the phone with the technical support for the cable company.  We got upgraded equipment – you know, the “easy self-installation” kind.  Well, yeah, that didn’t work.  Cable box/DVR installed fine, but the new modem/router was more difficult.  The internet and wireless worked, but the phones did not.  HOURS on the phone with 5 different people – who transferred me without letting me know that it was happening – or why – could not get the phones to work.  The gentleman who came to the house today was here for 15 minutes and it was fixed.  When we asked what the problem was, he let us know that the phone connection was still being routed to the old modem.  All they had to do was disconnect it and reconfigure it for the new modem.  He had no idea why they didn’t do that.  Oh.My.God!
  4. If you refrain from yelling, but let loose with a maniacal laugh instead, you get results.  The cable technician was supposed to be here Wednesday between 5pm and 7pm.  When we hadn’t gotten a call or a visit by 6:30pm, I called to inquire about his whereabouts.  The person on the phone said, “Well, they came by on Monday but no one was home.”  I laughed.  It was rather diabolical.  It was the laugh of someone who had just gone over the edge.  Because I had.  You see, on Sunday, the person I was talking to (the 4th person for that day) set up the Wednesday appointment, but said she’d see if they could escalate it and have someone out on Monday.  I said, “Okay, I’ll work from home so that I’m sure someone is here all day long.”  She told me that they would call if they could get someone out to the house.  Monday came and went with nary a phone call or a doorbell ring.  So, yes, I laughed. It was the laugh of someone who was about to take some people over that edge with her!  Needless to say, I apologized to the young woman on the phone for the lashing she was about to get.  And then I lashed!  By the time I was done, I had a guaranteed appointment and a credit of about $100.
  5. If you love your cats, they will love you back. No matter how bad any part of the day or week might be, all I have to do is get on my bed and turn on the TV…my cats will be there very shortly.  Joxer will stand on my stomach and chest and meow at me for a moment before cuddling down by my hip.  Calli will take a bit longer to climb up – she’s not as young as she used to be (neither am I) – and then she’ll walk across my head or my chest to hunker down next to my pillow or on my arm.  They will purr and they will show me love.  Always.

What are your truths this Friday?

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