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I will be cursing because of the blessings of technology

So we’re going to have some changes to the cable.

It turns out that by having faster internet speeds,  HD cable, a DVR, and 2 fewer channels than we have now, Mom and I can save almost $100 on our bill.


Yeah.  We lose 2 channels that we never really watched anyway and gain HD, faster internet, and a DVR for me.  (Mom has TiVo already, so I get the DVR.)  In return, we have a lower bill.  Go figure.  It doesn’t matter that we’ve been customers for over 20 years and that we’ve probably put a few of their kids through college.  It would have been nice for them to reach out to us and say, “You know, you’ve been such good customers…we can save you some money.”  No, they keep milking us for that extra money every month.

Of course, the problem is that there’s no competition in this area.  It’s either this cable company, or satellite.  (Or one of those little start up cable companies that really don’t have anything worthwhile yet.)  I won’t get satellite.  I’ve had it before and I hated it.  I’m sorry, but if I’m watching something interesting, I don’t want to lose my signal just because it’s cloudy or because Venus isn’t aligning with Uranus.  (Take that however you wish.)  So, cable it is.  Now, since we have cable TV, internet, and phone bundled together, we have a bit of equipment to change.  The boxes were delivered yesterday.

They’re huge.  Seriously huge. These boxes are so huge, I was wondering if the cable company was trying to hide the bodies by sending them to us.   As it turns out, they had boxes within the boxes…and each of the boxes held one piece of equipment.  Really a waste of space and cardboard, if you ask me.

So, tomorrow, guess what I get to do…yep!  I’m on “Electronics Detail” – my cable box goes into the TV room and the new DVR goes in my room; my Blu-ray DVD player and the newer Blu-ray DVD player in Gram’s room get switched (I’m more likely to use the bells and whistles, so I get it rather than Mom); and new internet equipment gets installed.  I’m going to be busy tomorrow with this.  I’m going to get dusty.  I’m going to get tired.  I’m going to get cranky.

But, at the end of the day, I’ll be able to DVR Bones on Monday nights (beginning April 2, Bones is moving to Mondays – Boo!) while I watch DWTS with Mom and, hopefully, we’ll have better internet.

I’ll let you know how all of that goes.

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