A rare night out…thanks to Anne Laughlin

I had the opportunity to go out tonight after work.

It was funny.  A few weeks ago, I actually asked my mother permission to go out.  I felt like I was 16 again.  Mom, of course, told me to go.  Actually, what she said was, “Carleen, you need a life.  Go.  I’ll be fine.”

Kinda sad when your mother is telling you to get a life, huh?

So, tonight after work, my friend and colleague, Laura, and I went to Uncle Julio’s for dinner.  We both had a hankering for Mexican food and this restaurant is just a few blocks from the office.

Following dinner, we braved the roads to make our way up to Women and Children First Bookstore in Andersonville.  This is a lovely little independent bookstore on Clark Street.  What’s really great about it is that it is a thriving independent bookstore.  After driving around looking for a place to park – because parking is not easy in this part of town – we made our way into the store and looked around for a while.  I “followed the rainbow” to the section of books that most held my interest.  It’s very cool too look up at the shelves and see them brimming with books by lesbian authors.  Very cool, indeed.

The reason for us being at WCF tonight was to help celebrate the book launch of Anne Laughlin’s new novel, Runaway.   I haven’t had a chance to read the book yet…I’ve been far too busy.  But, just based on what Anne read for us tonight, I can’t wait to dive into it.  I’ll need to set aside a good chunk of time.  I have a feeling that once I start, I will not put the book down.  Here’s the description on the back cover of the book:

With her life as a private investigator in Chicago firmly established, Jan Roberts can often forget where she came from—a backwoods survivalist camp run by her paranoid, dictatorial father. After risking her life at sixteen to escape the camp, she finds it hard to understand the runaway teenager she’s been hired to find. With each step on the trail to find her, Jan realizes the girl is running to the same part of Idaho she fled, a digital age version of her father’s way of life.

Complicating her mission is the new owner of the security firm she works for, a former British agent who has her own secrets to hide. When the sparks fly between them, Jan finds Catherine wanting to share not only her bed, but also her quest to find the missing teen. The journey to the deep woods of Idaho is a voyage to the heart of darkness for Jan, where the reality of her past can no longer be contained, nor her feelings for Catherine denied.

Doesn’t that make you want to click on the title of the book further up the page so that you can order it right away?  I’d be doing that if I hadn’t already bought it. 🙂

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