While others have failed, Andi Marquette turned me on

Okay, okay…before you let your mind go too far into the gutter, let me be clear.   It’s Andi’s brain that captured my attention here.  Technically, I’ve never met the woman. 🙂  Let me ‘splain.

I did a bang up job of staying away from the Twilight craze.  Actually, it wasn’t that difficult.  I mean, a “sparkly” vampire?  WTF?  I so loved Robert Pattinson in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire I enjoyed his performance in Water for Elephants (though, admittedly, I was watching it because of Reese Witherspoon).  But I just couldn’t bring myself to watching any of the Twilight movies or reading any of the books.  From what I saw and heard about them, I just knew that I would be annoyed.  As the phenomenon has continued, I’ve just gotten more annoyed.

To be fair, I did try watching the first Twilight movie.  I nearly drove screwdrivers into my eyes. 

So when this whole thing about The Hunger Games started up, I was skeptical.  No, I mean really skeptical.  I simply didn’t understand the craze surrounding the concept of teenagers killing each other.  Really? I will say that the cast of the movie intrigued me – they got some pretty nifty people starring in this movie.   But, I still couldn’t get even the least bit excited about this movie.  At all.

That is, until Andi Marquette turned me on.

The Hunger Games and other dystopian ruminations « Andi Marquette.

I highly recommend you click that link up there and read what Andi has to say.  It’s so wonderful!  For all of my years in graduate school, Andi is the first person to ever explain “dystopia” in a way that makes me say, “Of course!!”  I’d always understood the definition of the word.  That was never a problem…contrary to popular belief, I do have a few brain cells to rub together.  But Andi’s explanation and review really makes the concept come alive for me.  Now it’s an applicable concept, not just a theoretical one.

Andi Marquette has turned me on.  She’s done what others have not been able to do:  I now want to read the books and see this movie.  Badly.

2 comments on “While others have failed, Andi Marquette turned me on

  1. Well, all rightie, then! Glad to be of service (hee hee). And I’m flattered! Like Fran said at my blog, read the books first. I’m not always a big fan of movie adaptations of books, so I prefer to read the books first and see how the movie compares. That way, I have the author’s vision in my head when I see the movie, and if the movie doesn’t measure up, that’s okay. After all, I have the original vision imprinted in my brain, and that’s what counts. Hopefully, the movie will be added coolness to the original vision (complementary, like a nice sauce). And it does have a good cast, as you note. Also, as far as I can tell, no sparkly vampires.


    • 🙂

      Thank YOU. I appreciate what you wrote quite a bit. And I’m glad you stopped in. I likely will read the books first. Since I rarely go to the theatre to see movies, I likely won’t see this one until it’s on DVD.

      Thank goodness for no sparkly vampires. Ugh!


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