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Confessions of an office supply junkie

I made a purchase today.  A purchase that pleased me quite a bit. I bought a Rolodex! Okay, so it’s a small Rolodex.  But still, I got rather giddy when I “checked out.”  Sure, I could use the Outlook contact list.  But what happens if my work computer crashes?  (It just might any day now.) … Continue reading

Thank goodness for adaptability!

One of the questions the recruiters on my team ask candidates deals with their ability to adapt to change in the workplace.  You know, your company has a new policy or some sort of new technology…how do you deal with this change in your routine or workflow?  Typical stuff, but oh so important. While my … Continue reading

Oh, I seem to be bad at this

It’s been quite a few days since I’ve posted anything.  That makes me wonder if I actually have anything of significance to say.  What can I write about? I don’t like talking about politics, so that’s out. I haven’t had time, really, to sit and write a book review or two…though I’m hoping I’ll find … Continue reading

It’s official…

In 30 days (a bit less right now, actually), I will officially be on vacation! Two weeks of traveling through the southeastern United States. Spending a couple of days in Tunica, MS – Harrah’s Casino and Paula Deen’s cooking. Then a night in Tallahassee, FL – just to rest up from a day of driving … Continue reading

A fresh beginning

Well, I bit the bullet.  I actually paid for a domain name.  So, now, CarleenSpry.com is mine. I’m not exactly sure what this will mean.  I do know that I’ll certainly try to utilize this and post more often – now that I’m paying for it, that is.  But what will be posted remains to … Continue reading