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Thank goodness for adaptability!

One of the questions the recruiters on my team ask candidates deals with their ability to adapt to change in the workplace.  You know, your company has a new policy or some sort of new technology…how do you deal with this change in your routine or workflow?  Typical stuff, but oh so important.

While my recruiters might mark me lower because I’m not giving a work-related example, I think I would do pretty well answering that question.

As it turns out, Mom and I have to change our plans for vacation.  As I’m sure a great deal of you are aware, a large portion of Mississippi is under water right now.  Actually, just about anywhere near the Mississippi River (in southern states) is under water right now.  I pray for the people who are affected every day.

But, that also means that the Harrah’s at Tunica is closed until further notice.  Rightly so!  The safely of people is the most important thing.  It also means that I had to cancel our reservations at the hotel there and we’ve had to look to alternatives.

After some research and discussion with Mom, we’ve decided that we’ll end up taking the traditional route down to Orlando, but we’ll make some stops along the way.

Our first stop is Elizabeth, IN – that’s near Lexington, KY.  There’s actually a Horseshoe casino there…with a Paula Deen Buffet. 🙂  So, we’ll leave early on Sunday and head there to play.

From there, we’ll drive to the Macon, GA area.  Lane’s Peach Orchard is there.  We stopped last year and really liked it.  Mom got some Peach wine for a friend of hers and wants to stop and get more.  I liked the peach cider, myself.

We’ll stay the night in the vicinity and then start heading down Orlando way.

All in all, it will be a fairly leisurely trip.  At least, it should be.  Keep your fingers crossed for us.

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