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It’s Almost Mirror Ball Time! (Or, Why DWTS is my drug of choice.)

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I admit it.

I love ‘Dancing With the Stars.’

Say what you will.  Mock me.  Ridicule me.

I stand by my addiction to DWTS.  There are reasons for this addiction.

  1. I love watching people do things that I simply cannot do (but secretly wish I could).  I love dancing.  Just the feel of the beat moving through the body is a great feeling.  Then there’s the freedom of movement – letting go of the inhibitions and just doing what you do.   Yeah, all of that is great.  Get me on a dance floor, give me a beat (Ooohh, Janet!  Ms. Jackson, if you’re nasty!), and stand back.  Because I will use some space if I’m in a mood.  But give me choreography and ask me to dance with another person – another person who is doing the leading – and it all goes to hell.  I can’t dance backwards.  I can’t spin.  I cannot be lead!  It’s pretty sad.  So, yeah, I like watching other people do the pretty dancing.
  2. I really enjoy seeing the progression that people make over time.  For all intents and purposes (not “intensive purposes” – that has a different meaning), the “stars” that are on this show are not professional dancers.  Sure, some might have some dance training in their backgrounds – Jennifer Grey was given a hard time because she was in “Dirty Dancing”; Kristi Yamaguchi was considered a ringer since she had training for her figure skating career; etc., etc. – but when you come right down to it, it’s not like they are inviting Baryshnikov to be on the show.  (Though, come to think of it, this might be a tad out of his element.)  So, ultimately, these people are leaving their comfort zones and doing something different.  And they are working HARD to get better each week.  Those of us who have ever done summer stock theatre get this.  I worked at a summer stock theatre for 2 years – we did 5 shows in 5 weeks.  Not staged readings.  Full-blown shows.  Two or three were musicals.  Yeah, what these folks are doing is tough.
  3. It goes with out saying that the term “stars” in the title of the show is used loosely.  Some might be on the way up.  Some might be on the way down.  Some might have been down for a while and are looking for a way to get back up.  But, you know what?  These folks are still more well-known than I am.  From my perspective, “star” fits just fine.  Because I feel this way, I think it’s fun to find out about these folks.  Who are they?  Where did they come from?  For some of the “older” stars…where did they go?  You know…it’s that idea of “Whatever Happened To…?” – we’ve read the articles in magazines and we’ve watched the specials on VH1.  Don’t deny it.  You did, too…and you’ve wondered.
  4. The professional dancers are ridiculously talented and I find it fascinating that they are able to do everything that they do.  These people choreograph, teach, dance with their “star”, and often learn additional routines each week so that whoever is the guest singer has some dancing accompaniment.  Whew!  I’m tired just thinking about it.
  5. What in the heck is Karina going to wear THIS week?  ‘Nuf said.
  6. Who is Maks going to piss off this week?  (Most likely Carrie Ann Inaba and Len Goodman.  Bruno is too busy imaging Maks nekkid to get mad at him, I think.)
  7. Will Derek and Mark find a way to either dance with an open shirt or with no shirt at all?  If so, will we ever see injuries from the full-body waxing?
  8. Will Brooke ask yet another absolutely, ridiculously, amazingly stupid question?  (“That’s 29 out of 30 points.  Do you feel good about that score?” “Why no, Brooke.  In fact, I’m enraged.  I really wanted 14 points.” Duh!)
  9. Will this be the week that Bruno actually knocks out Len simply by gesturing too enthusiastically?
  10. Finally…and most importantly…this is something that my mother and I do together every week.  On Mondays and Tuesdays, the two of us have a standing date to watch and discuss DWTS.  Everything else gets put on hold.  I don’t work late.  We don’t answer the phone.  Dinner is eaten and the dishes are cleared and washed before 7pm.  This is completely dedicated to us – it’s our time.

Now, I also admit that I have not watched every season of DWTS.  This addiction is about 3 or 4 seasons old.  I watched most of the first couple of seasons and then watched sporadically.  If there was a musical guest that I really liked, I’d be sure to tune in.  If there was nothing else on, I would switch to channel 7 and see what was happening.  But after my grandmother passed away in 2009, Mom and I spent a lot more time together.  She’d lost her very best friend in the world and, well, she was just that…lost.

So, part of our healing was spending more time together.  Well, our interests in TV are pretty different.  In all honesty, I don’t watch a lot of TV.  Movies, sure.  But I don’t keep up with many shows on TV.  Mom loves all of those cop procedural shows – CSI: Miami, NCIS, The Closer, etc.  She can also watch a full season of The Gilmore Girls in one sitting.  Pretty much the only one we agree on is Bones – I got her hooked on that one. 🙂

We also agree on DWTS.  I found that it was much more fun to watch when I had someone with whom I could watch it.  There was someone there to laugh at Tom’s jokes.  We’ll often take bets on whether or not Len is going to be a grumpy gus or actually like a dance.  Mom drools over Tristan and I drool over Lacey.  It works for us!

So we have our new cast for season 14.  I was a little appalled at people who said, “Who?” when Melissa Gilbert and Jack Wagner were announced. Okay…I wasn’t really appalled.  I just felt really damned old!  But, really, what rock have you been living under if you don’t know who Melissa Gilbert is?  Even if you weren’t around when “Little House on the Prairie” went off the air, you’ve had to have seen at least one of the hundreds of Lifetime movies this woman did!  Right?  Right?  Okay, I’m old.

I’m very excited about Melissa Gilbert being on the show, actually.  I’ve always liked her.  I was one of those kids who watched LHotP religiously and then ran to school the next day to discuss it with my 5th grade teacher.  Yes, I was that kid.  (Please don’t hold it against me.)

Gladys Knight should bring some interesting moments to the show.  A living legend!  Will her experience with the Pips bring her to the mirror ball?  Or will she be on the midnight train to elimination?  Time will tell.

I am SO INTRIGUED by Martina Navratilova being on DWTS this season.  I see it going two ways – she’ll be a bull in a china shop, or she’ll do okay.  I’ll be highly surprised if she has an inner ballroom goddess.  But I’ll bet she is going to work and train and give Tony a run for his money.

And here’s a new discovery – Katherine Jenkins.  Heard that name and had NO idea.  A quick search made me wonder why I had never heard of this woman before.  I mean…just listen!  (Be sure to watch too…girlfriend is eeeeeasy on the eyes!)

And, really, who isn’t excited about Urkel’s return to TV?

So, mark your calendars for March 19th – that’s when it all starts for Season 14.  I know my calendar is marked.  In fact, I have reminders on my Outlook calendar at work, my Google calendar, and I have a post-it note on my TV.  Whoo hoo!

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