In the course of posting these guest blogs, how many times have I written, “I’ve never met…” about an author?  Too many times to count, I’m sure.   However, this time it’s different because…I’ve truly never met R.G. Emanuelle.  In fact, I’m a bit embarrassed to say, she just came onto my radar quite recently – she friended me on Facebook.

Here’s what I know:  She writes and her first novel is about vampires; She cooks (pretty well, I’m sure since she has a degree in it and everything); she’s a nice person; she’ll be at the conference this year.

What really stands out for me is that R.G. Emanuelle is the only author participating in the GBP who volunteered to write a blog.  I’d asked everyone else way back in January.  (A couple of people were strong-armed into it – I’m persuasive like that.)  But not R.G.  Nope.  She came to me.  I like that.

Can’t wait to meet her in Dallas!

Turn Your Vampire on to 350

Hi, all. I’m glad to be attending this year’s GCLS and I look forward to seeing and/or meeting you all. I’ve been to GCLS before but only as an author of short stories and as a reader. This time, I will be there as a published novelist and a participant in various events.

It’s been a very funny year for me. Not funny ha-ha. Funny strange and different. Up until recently, I was not one to join organizations or participate in things like panels and readings. As a child, I was forbidden to engage in sports (girls are not supposed to do things like that, after all), so joining teams was a foreign concept to me. Nor was I part of the drama club or debate team or a member of the Entrepreneurs of the Future Society or anything like that. (I did make the misguided decision in the third grade to join the glee club, but I thankfully realized that singing wasn’t my calling.) My first GCLS was in 2008; since then, I’ve been slowly building my collection of ticket stubs for the various events I’ve attended and even got up the nerve to do a reading or two.

This year, I find myself not only attending but participating in events, conferences, seminars, workshops, and miscellaneous missions and to-dos with various organizations and for different pursuits. My biggest fear at this point is that I will confuse the events. If any of you follow me on Facebook, you may have caught the post where I said that on June 25, I am supposed to speak in front of a group of women chefs and talk about media skills, and the very next day, I will be heading over to Dallas, where I will be on the panel “Zombies, Vampires and Fairies, Oh My!” (my book, Twice Bitten, is a historical vampire novel). The horror that I envision happening is that I will stand in front of those women chefs and start talking about lesbian vampires, and then I’ll be at GCLS telling a group of lesbian writers how to pick a good recipe to make on Good Morning, America and reminding them to make sure that the stove works.

The lesbian writers may not mind the switch, but I’m not sure how the women chefs will feel about it.

Maybe I’ll just make it easy on myself, combine the two, and just tell everyone to turn their vampire on to 350 and smile at the camera when destroying creatures of the night. Maybe I’ll bring some cookies to smooth over any mistaken decree that everyone should keep their knives sharp. Although, I suppose that would work for vampires, too.

Dallas is going to be a lot of fun, so see you there!

R.G. Emanuelle is a writer and editor living in New York City. She is co-editor of Skulls and Crossbones, an anthology of female pirate stories, and her short stories can be found in several anthologies, including Best Lesbian Erotica 2010, Lesbian Lust, Women in Uniform, Lesbian Cops, Read These Lips Volumes 4 and 5, and others. When she was a child, a neighbor called her a vampire because she only came out after dark, so it’s fitting that her first novel, Twice Bitten, is about creatures of the night. R.G. also has a culinary degree and dreams of one day being in the pantheon of culinary geniuses on Iron Chef, right next to Cat Cora.



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  4. WOOOOO! RG in da house!


  5. Ha! I keep forgetting that ANYONE can be appeased with cookies. Although I may have to bring something a little stronger to the chefs. After all, I don’t want to shock anyone too much. Some rum might makes things a little more mellow. 🙂


  6. Yes, yes! Bring cookies! And recipes – I’m sure we can modify the vampire one with another protein!


  7. I know you won’t, but I bet you could write the same speech for both days and pull it off. Aren’t we such a clever bunch? We ARE quite adept at picking up on subtext! Best of luck on both events,


  8. Allison Mugnier

    I guarantee you will have an appreciative audience if you bring cookies!


  9. Mercedes

    Brilliant, and very entertaining! I’ve got my oven set to Dallas. Lol

    Are you one of my former virgins? Wanna be? Just kidding, lol.


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