I’ve never met Shelley Thrasher, but hers is definitely not an unfamiliar name.  It seemed like every time I opened the front cover of a book from Bold Strokes Books – regardless of the author – I’d see Shelley’s name listed as the editor.  How exciting it was to learn that Shelley had penned a novel for BSB!  Admitedly, I have not yet read it.  But that is no reflection on Shelley!!  It is purely a reflection on the activities in my own life since the Minneapolis conference last year that have kept me far too busy for just about any reading at all.  (Unless, of course, it’s a Business Review for a client.  Ugh!  I’d rather be reading a good novel.)  

Read below as Shelley shares some quick remembrances of the New Orleans conference in 2005.

I Remember

GCLS 2005

Being on a point-of-view panel with Radclyffe and using an example about Betty showing her tits on Bourbon Street.

Walking a mile from our hotel early one morning to get beignets for Connie at the Café du Monde.

Helping the rest of the BSB staff assemble handouts for our sessions.

Meeting Kim Baldwin, Stacia Seaman, Georgia Beers, Brenda Adcock, Pol Robinson, KG McGregor, Reese Szymanski, and a slew of other superwomen.

Karen Kallmaker’s humorous keynote address.

Jennifer Knight sitting on my lap in Ali Vali’s SUV on our way to dinner at the Alpine restaurant.

Gun Brooke coming all the way from Sweden to be with us.

Radclyffe winning two Goldies.

The first GCLS dance. We were wild.

The delicious made-to-order omelets Sunday morning at the Marriott.

How excited we all were to have our very own conference.

Shelley Thrasher

BSB Editor and Author

Shelley Thrasher, a retired college English prof, has been a consulting editor at BSB since 2004 and an author there since 2012.

In The Storm, published this past December, she transports us to life on an East Texas farm near the end of World War I and lets us see what it was like for two very different women as they discover themselves and one another.

She and her partner Connie live not far from where The Storm is set, yet travel each year to Palm Springs, Austin, Dallas, and P-town, doing all things BSB.

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