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BIG NEWS: Get ready for a special treat as we get ready for the 9th Annual GCLS Conference in Dallas!

We are counting down! Yes, the time has come to make preparations for the annual conference of the Golden Crown Literary Society – a literary and educational organization for the enjoyment, discussion, and enhancement of lesbian literature (from the mission statement).

I’ve got some BIG NEWS to share with you as we lead up to this year’s conference!  Keep reading – or scroll to the bottom – for more information.

This year, the conference is going to be held in Dallas, TX from June 26 until June 30 at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Dallas – Campbell Centre.

What are some of the highlights that we can anticipate this year?

  • The Meet-n-Greet! This kicks off the conference and includes early registration. Everyone who is able to arrive early enough comes to the meet and greet to see friends – old and new alike. The vendor tables are also open at this time, so people have the opportunity to browse the tables and grab any books they may not have yet.
  • This year’s keynote speaker is Lambda and Goldie Award winning author Georgia Beers. This should be a fascinating presentation!
  • This year’s special speaker is Lambda and Goldie Award finalist Carsen Taite. I can’t wait for this!
  • Panels and presentations – these are always fun and always informative. Authors and readers alike participate in these events. They can include authors who discuss their experiences with negative reviews, or authors who provide advise and encouragement,  or author readings, or readers who talk about their own experiences with the literature, or readers who share from some of their favorite books/authors/scenes.
  • Karaoke – at least one night of the conference is dedicated to karaoke. Women of all talent levels get up to sing – individually, in pairs, and in groups – to sing old classics, cult classics, and what might be a new classic. This is always a fun night.  Last year, Karaoke night had a 50s theme.  It was great fun seeing everyone dressed up!  I wonder if we’ll have a theme this year.
  • The Silent Auction. “Every year, authors and members of the GCLS offer up various goodies for sale at the Silent Auction at the Con….All proceeds go towards the cost of the Con, thereby keeping our Conference fees affordable.” The call for items to sell during the silent auction has been posted. (Click the link.)  The variety of items available at the silent auction is always fantastic.  Over the years, I’ve seen out-of-print books, art work, memorabilia, the chance to name a character in an author’s novel, life coaching, t-shirts…the list can go on!  I’ll be donating some things this year, I think.  (If you’re looking for Xena related items, you’re bound to find something at the Silent Auction.)
  • The Goldies! Every year, GCLS holds awards for lesbian literature that was published the previous year. A group of members serve as judges in a number of different categories. On the night of the awards, anywhere from 1 to 3 awards will be given in each category…depending on the number of nominations. There is one award that is voted on by the entire membership – The Ann Bannon Popular Choice Award. Last year, this honor was awarded to Jessie Chandler for her book Bingo Barge Murder, A Shay O’Hanlon CaperMarianne K. Martin was the recipient of the Trailblazer Award – this is the GCLS lifetime achievement award.
  • Pictures, Pictures, Pictures! Everyone has a camera and everyone wants pictures with everyone else. There’s usually a professional photographer floating around, too.
  • Friendship – this is the time of year that everyone comes together to see friends from prior conferences and to make new friends. Everyone reaches out to the “Con Virgins” – members who are attending their first conference – to ensure that everyone feels welcome.

This will be my 5th Con. I’m especially excited about Dallas as the location because I went to school at Texas Christian University in Ft. Worth, TX…it’s right down the road.  So I’m looking forward to visiting my Alma Mater, visiting some old haunts, and seeing what changes have happened on campus.  Plus, it’s my opportunity to visit the TCU bookstore and stock up on some quality Horned Frog merchandise.

I’ve gained so much from being a member of GCLS…so much, indeed.  I’ve met so many wonderful women, learned about new authors, and experienced some very fascinating panels and presentations.

But why take my word for it?  I mean, who am I?  Just another fangirl who gets her fix once a year.

Well, here’s the big news!!!

This year you can read about GCLS experiences from other folks.  I’m sure you’re wondering who these folks are. 

Over the next 6 months, I’ll be posting guest blogs from more than 20 fabulous Lesbian Fiction authors who will share some of their GCLS Con experiences from over the years. 

If they don’t make you want to come to the conference in Dallas, then I don’t know who will!

So, check back here periodically – bookmark the site, follow my blog, friend me on Facebook, follow me on Twitter…I’ll be posting the guest blogs everywhere I can.  You can also be Facebook friends with Golden Crown.   There you can see pictures from previous GCLS events and keep up to date with what’s going on in the world of Lesbian Literature.  You can follow GCLS on Twitter, as well.

We’re counting down, Kiddos!  As of this posting, we have just 173 days, 17 hours and 5 minutes until the Meet-N-Greet starts.

You can join as a member and/or register for the conference at the Golden Crown Literary Society website.  Stop by to learn more about the organization and read about the conference.

I can’t wait!

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  2. Sheri Campbell

    Look forward to all the blogs.


  3. Wooooooooooot!


  4. EVERYONE knows you are nifty Carleen!
    Looking forward to your bolgging!


  5. I am hoping to be able to attend this year. I have family and friends in the DFW area I haven’t seen for awhile and it will be good to be able to visit with them either before or after the conference. I’ve only been to one other con and I enjoyed it thoroughly. There was so much to learn and so many wonderful faces to put with names. Thank you for this post.


  6. Yay!! Con time is coming!!!!


  7. Baren Nix

    you’re just fifty, besides being great at all the con information.


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