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REVIEW: You’re a wonder, Wonder Woman

There’s so much to love about this movie. I can’t tell you about everything I love about it because I won’t spoil it for you. At first glance, it seems that the trailers have included all of the good stuff from the movie. But, it’s just not so. What’s in the trailers is there to whet our appetites, to get us to the theatres – as good trailers are supposed to do. Once in your seat in that darkened auditorium, the rest of the good stuff is shared on the screen – as good movies are supposed to do.

Without providing spoilers, here are things I can share:

  1. Amazons! These women are fierce. I gotta tell you, the scene-cicle depicted in the gif below is just a fraction of what we get to see of the Amazons. The full battle scene, the Amazon training scenes…I thought they were awe inspiring. Robin Wright and Connie Nielsen are total bad asses (as are the rest of the women portraying the Amazons).
  2. I went on an emotional roller coaster. I laughed, I cried, I held my breath, I made audible exclamations. I was in this movie from beginning to end and feeling *something* every step of the way. There was an excellent blend of action, drama, and humor throughout the movie.
  3. Gal Gadot. If you ever said or heard the phrase “Wonder Woman was the only good thing about Batman v. Superman, you can rest assured that not only is that a true statement, the statement is made even more manifest in this movie. In BvS, Gadot proved she had the looks and the action moves. In Wonder Woman, Gadot proved she can act and carry a movie. Man or woman, bearing the weight of a superhero action film on one’s shoulders is no easy task. Gadot pulls it off beautifully.
  4. Twisty. Didn’t see the end coming.

I’ll be seeing this one in the theatre again, for sure. It wasn’t perfect. There were moments in the last 30-45 minutes that were a little “meh” in my opinion, but they weren’t so horrible that they felt superfluous or took me out of the storytelling. It was just that, when compared with the rest of the movie, they were just “fine”.

This is the superhero movie we’ve wanted, and always frickin’ knew we needed.


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