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Reach out and touch your MoCs (Downloadable contact lists)

So I’ve spent the last week or so compiling a “database” – which is actually an Excel spreadsheet – of the contact information for all Members of Congress as well as for the House and Senate Committees.

It’s not fully comprehensive, but there’s a lot of good information.

Click the link below to download – I just ask that you use this information in productive ways and, hopefully, to benefit the protection of our country, the Constitution, and Democracy.

If you’ve got good information to add, just reach out to me and I will make updates (with credit to you).

Contacts for MoCs and Committees

3 comments on “Reach out and touch your MoCs (Downloadable contact lists)

  1. May we share this via Facebook?


  2. Mercedes Lewis

    Thanks Carleen, you’re the best!


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