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Golden Globes Red Carpet

This will be free form blogging.  I’m just going to type whatever comes to mind while I’m watching.  So, if you’re looking for something that is well structured and coherent, this might not be the place for you. LOL

Please feel free to comment below and provide your own commentary, thoughts, opinions, etc.  Have some fun with it!

Okay, Girls and Boys!  Here we go!

The Red Carpet coverage has started on E! Entertainment.  Well, this is the early coverage…technically, the red carpet doesn’t start for another hour, but there are some people, I guess, who get there super early.

Sometimes I wonder if I actually enjoy the red carpet coverage more than the awards themselves.  I get so worked up about them!

I’m particularly excited about the Globes this year for a few reasons:

  • Tina Fey and Amy Poehler.  Um…hello?
  • I’ve actually seen a lot of the movies this year…that’s a change for me. (Well, not necessarily the Drama category…yet.  But I’ve seen more than I normally do.)
  • There might be some real competition this year…there are a lot of really excellent nominations.
  • There should be many, many sitings of Jennifer Lawrence – my #1 Inappropriate Crush.

Another part of the red carpet coverage that I usually enjoy is snarking on the interviewers – regardless of which channel they’re on.  I will wait for Guiliana Rancic to go all ga-ga over George Clooney (and make a fool out of herself in the process).

Speaking of the E! presenters, I still wonder exactly why Kelly Osborne has lavender hair.  Actually, it’s kind of grey.  Either way, I don’t know why she does it.  however, I do love her dress.  At least, I like it when she’s sitting down.  We’ll see what it looks like when she stands up.  I’m not sure how I feel about Guiliana’s dress.  Again, we’ll see what happens when she stands.

And, already, Guiliana is already fawning over Clooney.  Oh, geez.  Whatever.

So, right now, E! is annoying me.  They promoted this as “early arrival” red carpet.  Instead, they’re just bullshitting about ruffles and make up.  Oh, c’mon.  There needs to be something more interesting.

Well, of course…the Mani-Cam.   What would we do without the Mani-Cam?!  (For those of you who don’t know what this is…Celebrities put their hands into a box that has a small red carpet and a camera.  So, they’re able to walk their fingers right down their very own red carpet.)

Apparently, Taylor Swift was scheduled to play Eponine in Les Miz but had to drop out due to scheduling conflicts.  To that I say, “Oh, Thank the Heavens for scheduling conflicts!!”  Don’t get me wrong…I think TSwift is okay and I like some of her music.  But, oh, if I had to watch her emote in Les Miz for 3 hours, I would have screamed.

5 must see celebrities on the red carpet

  • Anne Hathaway:  I agree here. She’s really always so classy and elegant.  I had a conversation with a friend at work the other day about her – she seems to get more beautiful as she ages.   Rumor is that she’s pregnant.  Hmmm.
  • Claire Danes:  I agree here too.  She is another who has moved from a cute teenager to a really gorgeous woman.  And, damn, the woman can act! She’s another who always looks elegant.
  • Jessica Chastain:  Oh, 3 for 3!  Beautiful, talented, elegant.  Her performance in Zero Dark Thirty was really amazing.
  • Jennifer Garner/Ben Affleck:  Okay, yes.  Pretty couple.  Jennifer is another gorgeous woman and she wears clothes well.  With Ben being a major nominee this year, it will be interesting to see how they work the carpet this year.
  • Jennifer Lawrence:  Woot!  #1 must see Celebrity!  I agree!  I agree!  I agree!  Young, beautiful, fashionable, likeable…yes, definitely a must see celebrity.


Joy of Joys….Ryan Secrest.  Blergh.  Oh well, I’ll suffer through him.

So there are heaters on the red carpet.  Cold there in California.

Starting out with Debra Messing.  I don’t like her dress…she looks pregnant and I don’t think she is.

Guiliana changed her dress…and I definitely don’t like it.

She starts out talking to Hayden Panetierre (sp?) who looks young and fresh and comfortable.  That’s nice.  Sometimes I wonder about Hayden and the things she wears.

There’s a view of Julianne Hough and Katharine McPhee.  I’m a little confused by the hairstyles for both.

Oh, just got a shot of Claire Danes too…in RED!  Looking really nice.

Nicole Richie is the first celebrity in the Glam Cam 360.  You know, she doesn’t look bad…which is a real change.  Flipped over to NBC where they are interviewing Nicole, so there’s a better view of her hair and make up.  She did good this year.  Impressive.

And a shot of  Zooey Deschanel getting out of her limo in a red dress.  From that view, it looks like she went more on the conservative side – and not quite so out there as she usually is.

I’m not sure how I feel about Julianne Hough’s dress.  I like the shape of the dress, I just don’g think I like all of the gold glittery stuff that’s all over it.  Her hair looks like a mohawk.

Amy Adams is with Ryan Secrest.  I really like Amy…but I’m not feeling the dress.  I think the dress itself is okay, actually.  But the color is tooooo pale.  She looks all washed out.  I do like her shoes.  I’d never wear them, but I like them.

Oooohhh Claire Danes!  Looking f’ing HOT HOT HOT!  The post-baby body is smokin’.  She always interviews so well.  Whoo!

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Greene are with Ryan Secrest.  Huh.  They’re still around.  Well, Megan looks pretty.  She’s an attractive woman, but I usually don’t like what she wears.

Shot of Alyssa Milano in some orange sherbert dress.  Interesting.

Ryan is talking to Katharine McPhee now.  her dress is a bit too much for my taste.  She’s showing a little too much.  Leave something to the imagination, Katharine.

Isla fisher is wearing an interesting dress…shiney and sparkley.  I think she could be Amy Adams’ sister…they look so very much alike.

I missed a couple of people…I got a phone call from an older woman from church.  She’s in the hospital.  **sigh**

So, Lena Dunham looked really nice.

Now we’re back to Kelly and Ross talking about how amazing Claire Danes looks.  I totally agree with them.  Damn, she looks great.

I’ve found that I’m not switching over to the NBC coverage all that much.  They aren’t impressing me.  I’m not sure why they aren’t.  Perhaps it’s because they don’t have a connection to the celebrities and, therefore, can’t get the great interviews out of them.  I’m not sure.  I’ll still check them out now and then, but I’m going to primarily stick with E!

Oh, and now Ryan is with Tina Fey and Amy Poehler!  They look very nice.  I hope Amy will get her hair worked on a bit.  Tina’s hair, however, looks fantastic.    And I love, love, love Tina’s dress.  So nice that she’s stepped it up – she spent a few years as a fashion disaster.

Eric Stonestreet from Modern Family.  I don’t watch the show.  I know, I know.  People tell me I should.  But I like this guy.  He looks really nice in his tux.

Oh, and a shot of Bradley Cooper and Jodie Foster – schmoozing!  Bradley is one of the few men who can get away with that “I don’t own a comb” look.

Mayim Bialik is looking really nice.  Oh, as is Kelly Washington!  Pretty, pretty!

johnny Galecki is talking to Guiliana.  He’s a loveable geek, isn’t he?

Better shot of Zooey Deschanel in her red dress…looking very nice.  I’m impressed.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus in Vera Wang.  I’m not sure exactly how I feel about the dress.  It’s a little too busy, I think.

Sarah Hyland from Modern Family in a nice black gown.

Oh, jessica Chastain in a lovely gown…Oh, I love her hair.

AH!  A glimpse of Jennifer Lawrence!  It looks like she’s wearing red.

Bradley Cooper is talking with Ryan Secrest.  He is a very nice example of the male species.  Again, even without a comb, he’s looking good.  I love it when he talks about his role in Silver Linings Playbook – it’s so clear that he really loves that role.

Gabby Douglas and Aly Raisman from the Women’s Gymnastics team are there…looking nice.

Kelly and Ross are all googly over Jessica Chastain shouting out to them.  Can’t wait to see her.

Flipped over to NBC and, Yay, caught Jennifer Lawrence in her interview.  Again, they don’t handle interviews well, because Jennifer is much more fun in interviews with people who know what they are doing.  But, she does look lovely in her dress.  Can’t wait for E! to get her hands on her…they’ll interview better.

Jodie Foster is now talking with Ryan.  She looks lovely.  I really like her dress.  I’m not that into her hair, but she still looks beautiful.  (Naomi Watts just got out of her limo.  Damn, she’s gorgeous.)  I love Jodie:  “You know, it’s a dress.”

Olivia Munn is up now.  She looks very nice.  I like the straight skirt on that.  It’s a nice change from so many of the full skirts and ruffles we’ve been seeing.

Nice shot of Carla Gugino…she’s a classy looking woman.

Oh, Sally Field is looking magnificent!  I love her dress…black, simple, but just enough flair to make it interesting.  Very age appropriate.

One thing I’ll say for Ryan Secrest…he’s very nice about making sure that the women have help getting down the stairs in their big dresses and high heels.

Rachel Weisz and Daniel Craig just showed up.  Are they a couple?  Huh?  Either way, they look very nice together.

Another shot of Bradley Cooper.  yeah…nice looking dude.

Oh, full shot of Jodie’s dress.  Nice.

Ryan is speaking with Lucy Liu.  Totally not liking her dress.  it looks like upholstery fabric.

Michael J Fox with his wife, Tracy, and son, Sam.  Sam is “Mr Golden Globe” this year.  He’s a good looking boy.  I love the color of Tracy’s dress.  It’s a really deep magenta.  It looks good on her.

Jessica Chastain is with Ryan.  Her dress is very interesting.  She’s sporting some sex appeal, but I’m not sure how I feel about the cut of the dress. The color is what Jessica called “seafoam blue” – it’s a very pale blue.  Pretty color.  I just don’t like the bodice of it…it seems droopy.   Her hair is beautiful.  Sleek and simple.

Naomi Watts is next…how lovely that she and Jessica are having a brief meeting of the Mutual Admiration Society.  So nice.  So Naomi looks good in that color.  Very deep burgundy.  The open back lends some sex appeal but overall it’s very classy.

Jennifer Lawrence!!  Either she’s pretty tall or Ryan is really short.  I think Ryan is really short.  “This is Dior Houte Couture.  I don’t know what ‘houte’ means.”  Love it!  Her dress has a bit of a train on it.  I love the color.  I’m not sure how I feel about the straplessness of it, though.

There was a nice shot of Emily Blunt in there somewhere.  Can’t wait to see her up close.

Damn, I missed the interview with Amanda Seyfried.  But her dressed looked nice.

Hugh Jackman and her wife are with Ryan.  Both looking very nice.  Hugh is well groomed, as he usually is.  He has such a great personality.

Taylor Swift is talking with Ryan now…apparently this is her ONLY red carpet interview.  So they’ve been making a big deal about it.  I like her dress.  She’s so tall, so she can pull off that fitted dress so well.  I’m not sure what that color is though.  But I do like it.  Oh, they just said it’s eggplant.  Nice.  Purple. TSwift is nominated for Best Song for her song for The Hunger Games.  Say what you will about her, she is a sweet person.  I’m still glad that she wasn’t Eponine.

John Hamm and Jennifer Westfeldt.  He’s another one of those good looking dudes.  I like him when he’s doing comedy. Perhaps that’s why I think he and Jennifer are such a great couple.

View of Rachel Weisz in her dress.  It’s interesting.  The skirt is sheer with poka dots.

And there’s a shot of Halle Berry nearly tripping in her dress.  Huh.

Julianne Moore with Ryan now.  Her dress is nice…geometrically interesting.  I wish I could post pictures here.  Oh well, I’ll link to them later when E! has them online. 🙂

Okay…and now we have Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman looking fantastic, as usual.  She’s another one who looks better as she ages.

Adele!  First public appearance since having the baby.  As usual, she’s looking retro.  That’s such a good look for her.  She’s very delightful too.  I love it when she interviews.

P Diddy just interrupted Sienna Miller and Guiliana.  I don’t like her dress.  Such a beautiful woman…and she’s wearing what looks like a mashup of a lacy shower curtain and a flowery shower cap.  ugh.

Marion Cotillard is also wearing red.  I sort of like the dress.  I’d like it more if it was all one length, though. I appreciate that her hair is simple.  Short interview.

Julianna Margulies looks nice in her dress.  it’s a little busy, but the open back is rather sexy.

Oh, thank goodness George Clooney is interviewing with Ryan.  Guiliana can’t make a fool of herself.  Clooney always looks good in a tux.

Sofia Vergara and her cleavage just showed up.  Her interview should be fun!

Kelly and Ross are back with their effusiveness.  They’ve got Zooey Deschanel in the Glam Cam 360.  Yes, I do like the dress.  She looks nice.

Now Hayden Panatierre is in the Glam Cam…nice view of the dress…she looks nice in it.

Short interview with Sofia Vergara…but her dress is, in fact, very nice.

Ben Affleck is with Ryan now.  Interestingly, Jennifer Garner is not with him.  Perhaps she’s allowing him the chance to bask in his spotlight.

Oh…view of Jessica Alba and Anne Hathaway…and there’s Kristen Wiig, looking lovely…and sexy.  I like Kate hudson’s dress too…I’m not sure why, but I like it.

Guiliana is with Kerry Washington.  I don’t like her bangs, but her dress is pretty nice.

Oh, there’s another shot of Anne Hathaway…I really like what she’s wearing.  It’s a lovely (I’m using that word a lot) white gown…it looks beaded.  Strapless.

Another view of Sofia Vergara and her cleavage.  I like her hair…simple and pretty.

Denzel Washington and his daughter are with Ryan.  Poor Ryan…he just called her his wife.  Awkward!

Kelly and Ross are showing off Amanda Seyfried in the Glam Cam 360.  I like her dress, interestingly.  They love Lucy Liu’s tribute to Scarlett O’Hara.

Well, they’re wrapping up.  Kelly and Ross are drooling over Taylor Swift.  And they should.  She looks beautifully.  Now they’re drooling over Nicole Kidman.  And they should.

And do ends the Red Carpet blog.  Now we move to the actual awards!

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  1. DAYYUMN Claire Daines looks mighty fine! Fingers crossed for her.


  2. That grey/faded lavender hair is dreadful. I think it’s funny that she criticizes others when she herself looks like trailer trash.


  3. Mary Anne Frett

    Number five has to be Jodie Foster don’t you think. Lifetime Achievement Award recipient tonight.


    • Not necessarily. She’s been out of the spotlight enough that she’s not on the “fashion” radar. The 5 must see celebrities are more about fashion.

      Though, I can’t wait to see Jodie!


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