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The best DWTS Final ever!! The Mirrorball can go to anyone!


It’s the finals!  Look at how far we’ve come in just 10 short weeks.

We started with twelve – a group of 12 very good dancers – and now we are down to just three.  Which of the three will go home tomorrow night as the champion?

Whoever it is will be totally deserving of the prize.  Katherine, William, and Donald are all deserving of the championship…as was Maria, in my opinion.  But it can only go to one couple.

Let’s not waste time…let’s just get to some dancing.

(As an added bonus for people who like spoilers and/or people who don’t get to see the show where they live, I’ve included the Youtube.com videos of all 6 dances at the bottom of the post.)

William and Cheryl dancing the Cha Cha.

  • Of course Bruno is the one to come in to help William.  Who else would it have been?  I think Bruno was hoping to dance “in hold” with William…what do you  think?
  • So they are getting another chance at the Cha cha.  And it seems as though they think the pink works for him, because he’s wearing it again – and they are dancing to P!nk.
  • While they are keeping his shirt on, it’s open and Cheryl has really played up the sex in the choreography.  She knows how to get votes.
  • Len:  “Loud and proud, and not just your shirt.”  He just called it the best Cha Cha he’s seen in 14 seasons.
  • Bruno:  “Your hip action leaves me green with envy.” [snort]
  • Carrie Ann:  “You have grown miles and that is what the show is about.”
  • 10 from Carrie Ann; 10 from Len; 10 from Bruno
  • Perfect score of 30

Katherine and Mark dancing the Paso Doble.

  • They got Len to come in for coaching.  Nice.  The seriousness of Len’s teaching matches the seriousness of Katherine’s learning.
  • Already there is a distinct change in this Paso.  It seems as though Katherine felt more comfortable with the music and with the style of the dance – rather than during Rock Week.  to be honest, I wasn’t comfortable with that music either.  I didn’t think it was fitting.
  • This was a nice dance.  A really, really nice dance.  I loved the intensity of it, I loved the drama, I loved the technique!
  • Bruno:  “Your shapes extended beautifully. … Technical brilliance.”
  • Carrie Ann:  “You are the prima diva of dancing with the stars.”
  • Len:  “Very satisfying…fabulous.”
  • 10 from Carrie Ann; 10 from Len; 10 from Bruno
  • Perfect score of 30
  • FINALLY Len gives up the 10 to Katherine and Mark!  My mother was shocked that this was the first perfect 30 for these two.

Donald and Peta dancing the Argentine Tango.

  • Carrie Ann getting all intense with Donald and Peta…good.
  • Opening spin is the same that was used in the last AT…I like that spin.
  • Peta is just wearing a few strips of cloth isn’t she?  I guess if I had a body like that, I’d…no…actually…I wouldn’t, so I won’t even go there.
  • I’m really not sure how I feel about this dance.  Because of that, the judges will probably love it.
  • There’s something missing in this dance for me.  I can’t put my finger on it.
  • Carrie Ann:  “I loved it the first time and I loved it again.”
  • Len:  “I felt there was far more content. … For me it was a tad careful.”  (THAT’S IT!  It wasn’t risky.  It wasn’t aggressive.)
  • Bruno:  “I liked it very, very much.”
  • 10 from Carrie Ann; 9 from Len; 10 from Bruno
  • 29 out of 30


William and Cheryl

  • William isn’t doing a very good job of catching Cheryl in these lifts during rehearsals.  I hope he gets better at that.
  • Looks like they are going to focus on the Latin dances.
  • I knew there would be shirt ripping at some point.
  • I’m not really liking the dance.  I think it’s actually too careful and I think Cheryl put too much sex in the dance.  Some of it is downright raunchy.
  • William still doesn’t seem confident through many parts of the dance.
  • Len:  “The first thing I’d like to say is I like it….but it was too predictable.”  Something in there about shaking his bum…the crowd was overpowering again.
  • Bruno:  “You were like two devils unleashed upon the earth.”
  • Carrie Ann:  She’s just making weird, smiley faces. Oh, Carrie Ann.
  • 10 from Carrie Ann; 9 from Len; 10 from Bruno
  • 29 out of 30
  • 59 out of 60 for the night

Katherine and Mark

  • Katherine is going to leave everything on the dance floor.  Well, okay!
  • And she starts with some singing! Yay!!  *sigh*
  • So far, they’re kicking it pretty well…I’m not sure about some of the lifts, but it’s fast and it’s fun.
  • Overall, it was an excellent performance.  This may put them on the top for the night.
  • Bruno:  “You were on the money all the way.”
  • Carrie Ann:  “I just think that was a dance of a champion. You are a champion.”
  • Len:  “If I’m asleep and dreaming, don’t wake me up.  THAT is a freestyle.”
  • 10 from Carrie Ann; 10 from Len; 10 from Bruno
  • Perfect score of 30
  • 60 out of 60 for the night – That puts them in the lead.  Even if Donald and Peta get a perfect score, Katherine and Mark will hold the lead on their own.

Donald and Peta

  • Donald trying to guess what William and Katherine are going to do….and suggesting country music. Smart!
  • Donald just knocked the crap out of Peta!!  She’s bleeding!
  • But, Peta is a tough woman…”We don’t have time to put bandaids on things!”
  • One thing is for sure…he can get some height on those lifts with Peta.  And Peta can move…her…hips!  Whew!
  • He’s having a good time with this dance, that’s for sure.  And he’s doing a really nice job with the lifts and spins and such.
  • That was a really great dance.
  • Carrie Ann seems to like it…she’s on the table, jumping and cheering and clapping.
  • Carrie Ann: “This is my favorite final…and this was my favorite dance tonight.”
  • Len:  “Chances win dances.”  “Fantastic!”
  • Bruno:  “You know, I cannot resist a ride in the wild wild west.”  Oh, Bruno.
  • 10 from Carrie Ann; 10 from Len; 10 from Bruno
  • Perfect score of 30
  • 59 out of 60 for the night.
Oh my goodness!!  That was one hell of a final, boys and girls!  There is still one dance to go…they’ll get their music tonight and they have overnight to come up with choreography.

So…tonight’s scores and the voting will be combined.  Then the scores from tomorrow night will be added to that.

It’s all about the votes!  The percentages for the scores, at this point, are so close that I’d call it a tie.

So get to voting, people!  That’s what I’m going to do!  🙂

2 comments on “The best DWTS Final ever!! The Mirrorball can go to anyone!

  1. bevprescott

    I’m betting on Donald and Peta. Enjoy the show.


    • Thank you for stopping in, Bev!

      I have to say that I’m really cheering for Katherine and Mark…but I would not be sad if Donald and Peta took the trophy.

      Honestly, I think William and Cheryl could take it, too…though I feel they are the weakest in terms of technique.

      I’m just really happy that we had such an exciting season filled with great talent.

      15 minutes!


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