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DWTS – Double Elimination Round for Week 8 (Spoilers!)

“Live from Hollywood – it’s Dancing with the Stars!”

Donald, Peta and Karina are invited to give the encore dance this evening – rather expected after Donald openly begged to be asked to do this dance again.  Of course, it’s not quite as sharp as the first night, but it’s still just as fun.

After this, we go right into the eliminations.  Wow!

Donald/Peta and Katherine/Mark are up first.  Ah, so we’re taking the teams just 2 at a time.  I guess there will be one safe and one in jeopardy from each pairing.

Donald/Peta….are SAFE!!!

Katherine/Mark….are in JEOPARDY!!  This is a new experience for Katherine – she’s never been in jeopardy.  This does NOT, however, mean she is in the bottom two.  (I must say, watching a very scared Katherine is heartbreaking.)  Well, I actually rather expected this – they need to have the drama.  That sense of “Oh, my gosh!  Not [so-and-so top of the leader board dancer]!  The travesty!”  It will be interesting to see how they reveal the rest of the couples this evening.

Here’s my prediction:  If Roshon and Melissa are in different pairings, then Katherine will be safe and Roshon and Melissa will be eliminated.  There…I said it.


Kenny Mayne, Jerry Rice, and Len Goodman are back for more “insightful” commentary regarding our contestants this year.

  • Katherine is obsessed with her naughty bits.
  • Roshon is the skinny kid on a playground of bullies.
  • William has tamed the normally dominant Cheryl.

Okay, Len in a speedo….I’m going to have nightmares. (Brain scrub!  Brain scrub!  I need Brillo pads…STAT!)

I have to say, Jerry Rice actually looks good in sparklies.  He bats his eyelashes very nicely, too.

Musical performance by Chris Brown. Is he still relevant?   Okay.  Yeah.  Sure.  Whatever. Not even gonna tag him.

Brooke really does ask the most inane questions.  Really.  But I love the way all of the contestants this season are able to not answer her questions by answering other questions, but still sound like they are answering her questions.  You know?

William/Cheryl and Roshon/Chelsie are up next.  One of these couples are in the bottom two and will be eliminated immediately.

The first eliminated couple is….Roshon/Chelsie.  I’m not surprised by this…nor am I heartbroken.  Yes, yes…Roshon danced really, really well last night.  He is a talented dancer.  However, I really don’t think that his strongest dancing talent lies in Ballroom dancing.  I have to admit, I think his freestyle would have been amazing.

William/Cheryl are SAFE and dancing in the Semi-Finals.  Thousands of screaming women (and Bruno) are thrilled.


  • Maria has a goofy laugh.
  • Melissa has a miniature longhorn steer stuck up her backside.
  • Donald falls down a lot.

I really love DanceCenter.  *sigh*  They should have that every week.

Dance tribute to Dick Clark.  There are even some of the original dancers from American Bandstand in the audience.  That was a really fun dance in tribute to Dick Clark.  Really fun.  Great choreography by Tony Dovolani…nice to see him and Karina joining in the dance.

Another performance from the Live in Las Vegas DWTS show – D’mitry and Anya.  It was okay…just okay.

Maria/Derek and Melissa/Maks are the next on the elimination block.

Maria/Derek…are SAFE and will be in the semi-finals!!

So, Melissa/Maks are in JEOPARDY!!  I’m sorry…perhaps it’s mean…but who didn’t see this coming?  Yes, now and then she was underscored…but she wasn’t on the same level as the rest of these dancers.

For the record:  I love Melissa Gilbert.  I love Little House on the Prairie.  I love Lifetime movies.  I think the Screen Actors Guild is awesome.

It comes down to Katherine/Mark and Melissa/Maks.  One couple will be in the semi-finals, one couple will be going home (actually, to Jimmy Kimmel Live).

I really, really hope this isn’t a “shocker” of an elimination. I’ll be honest…if it is, I’ll be crushed.

Poor Katherine just looks sick again…is it me, or does it seem like she just didn’t get any sleep last night from all of the worrying?  Someone buy that girl a drink!

The second couple eliminated is….Melissa/Maks.

Katherine/Mark … are SAFE and will return for the semi-finals.

Therefore, dancing next week in the Semi-Finals will be:

  • Donald/Peta
  • William/Cheryl
  • Maria/Derek
  • Katherine/Mark

Awwww….Melissa was eliminated on her birthday.  😦  That kinda sucks.  BUT…she’ll always have memories of being the center of a Chmerkovskiy sandwich!

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So, dear readers (all two of you), we survived double elimination week.  Let’s hope we never have to go through that again! That was just painful.

Next week is the SEMI-FINALS!  There’s only two more weeks of this, Kids.  I really believe at this point that it’s anyone’s game.  Each of these couples has been on the top and been in the middle.  Can’t really say that any of them have been at the bottom of the leader board.  They’ve each had stellar weeks, and they each had weeks that found them faltering.

All of them need to really step up and bring their “Beyond A Game” to the dance floor next week.  And I really think they all need to get that social media working and hit the virtual campaign trail!  It’s really evident that votes count.

With how close the competition has been this year, I wouldn’t be surprise if we come out of next week’s performances with all 4 couples getting perfect scores.  They’re all capable.

What were your thoughts on tonight’s elimination episode?  Were you surprised?

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  1. Yes, I think you’re nifty! 😀 AND….I think the best dancers are in the semi-finals. Should be an interesting show next Monday…I think they all know this is not the time to have a bad dance. I also agree with all of your assessments from tonight. Thank goodness for DVR so I can pass through the less entertaining parts (Chris Brown…REALLY?!!)


    • Ah, Kim…my one loyal reader. 🙂

      Yes, these are actually the dancers I predicted (in my mind) for the finals way back in the early weeks…based on talent and personality/charisma.

      I’m looking forward to checking out my favorite moments (DANCECENTER) on DVR.

      Thanks, again, for stopping in!


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