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If I were artsy-fartsy, I’d probably have a better blog

I’ve spent about 3 hours looking through new themes for this web page.  Previewed each one that I thought might be interesting; each that might be “me”.

If it was pink, I passed.  If it was all flowery, I passed.  If it looked way too light and airy, I passed.  If it looked too complicated, I passed.

So, what did I end up doing?  Yeah, keeping the theme I had.

I made some changes though.  The color is different.  There’s a header image now.  (Fun Fact:  I took that picture in Miami.  I was there in February 2010 for a cruise.  The group of us were hanging out with KG MacGregor and looking out at South Beach from her pool area.  I couldn’t get the camera to stay still for a night picture…and that’s what resulted. I didn’t delete it for some reason.  Now I’m glad I didn’t.  It’s kinda cool.)

The real truth is that I’m just not all that creative.  I’m definitely not “artsy-fartsy” – far from it, in fact.

When I was in grammar school, my grades were exceptional.  Reading?  Piece of cake.  Math?  Easy-schmeasy, lemon peasy.  History? Didn’t like it, but I was good at it.  Penmanship? Not a problem, was writing since I was 3 years old.  Art?  Um.

That’s where it stops.

I always wished that the grade for Art was somewhere in the middle of the report card.  That way, as my parents were reading down the list of subjects, they could start and end on good grades.  You know?  The good ol’ “primacy-recency effect” – the first item on a list is deemed important and the last item on a list is fresh in the short-term memory.

But, no.  It was all alphabetical.  So Art was at the top of the list.  Damn.

I was fortunate enough to have parents that actually put more value on my ability to read and figure out fractions than they did on my ability (or inability) to make a really beautiful macaroni jewelry box.  So, I certainly didn’t suffer any punishments.  I just didn’t feel so hot about that blemish on my report card.

What’s really interesting is that I have degrees in Theatre and Performance.  Ha!  I ended up going to college and graduate school to earn degrees in “artsy” disciplines.  Fortunately, I went to really excellent schools where the scholarship was very robust.   But, ultimately, I have been educated in the Arts.  Go figure.

Though, I will say, I’m a better assistant director than I am a director.  And I’m a better editor than I am a writer.  Need me to clean up your scene?  Not a problem.  Give me some time.  But don’t ask me to direct.

Can’t quite figure out what to do with those semi-colons?  Okay, let me look at what you’ve written and I’ll figure it out.  Just don’t ask me to write the book.

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