“Writing about a writer’s block is better than not writing at all.”
 ― Charles Bukowski

I’ve spent a good part of the day thinking about what to write in this blog post. I jotted down a few topics, but all of them are crap, quite honestly. 

So, the last hour has been spent, first, doing Google searches looking for something to spark my interest. But nothing sparked my interest. Even Rachel Maddow didn’t inspire me to write about something! Rachel Maddow!

When the Google searches didn’t work, I went to canva.com and started playing with graphics. Now, please understand, I suck when it comes to creative graphics. That spiffy graphic at the top of this page was created for me by Ann McMan – a professional – because everything I came up with was bad. Really bad. 

It’s always been this way for me when it comes to artistic types of things. In grammar school, I got excellent grades across the board – except in Art and Penmanship. I was always particularly annoyed by the low penmanship scores. I was able to write in cursive by the time I was in 1st grade. I actually got in trouble in 3rd grade for writing my name in cursive because the teacher – Mrs. McGee – hadn’t taught the class yet. I wasn’t doing it wrong. It wasn’t bad. She was just pissed that I knew something before she taught it. Mrs. McGee was never my favorite teacher. 

But I totally understood the low scores in Art. I wasn’t good. Coloring was difficult for me as a child. In junior high, I took a class that had a focus on what they deemed “scientific art” – photography (on brownie cameras and we developed our own film) and drafting. I got a B in that class. A little better. But I think a lot of that was because my “boyfriend” at the time (for all of 3 months) was in the class with me. He was really good at drafting and helped me.

In high school, I just stayed away from all art classes. I substituted them with math, physics, and ROTC. I was better at those things. I enjoyed English classes, too. But I stuck with literature rather than composition. Even in college I only took the two required composition classes – Freshman Comp 1 and 2. From there, it was all literature – The Roaring Twenties, Shakespeare, British literature – The Romantic Era. I ended up with two minors – Physics and English Literature. An interesting combination. 

Ultimately, I bypassed all of the creative classes. 

Thus, I have great respect for writers. You know. Those people who actually make a living by writing. Those people who are able to tell their muses to “Kiss my ass” because, dammit, they have words to write. And then they write ALL THE WORDS. Show offs. 

So, yeah, being creative at the drop of a hat is not really for me. But, hey, I did get 500 words out of writing about writer’s block. I guess that’s not too bad. 

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