I’m going to be hitting the road pretty soon, heading back to Chicago after my weekend in Dallas. So, I need to make sure that I get in my NaBloPoMo entry for today. 

It may not be great, but I’m determined to post something every day in November. Dammit.

It’s almost 9pm, so you’re probably wondering why I’m leaving so late. Well, I overslept this morning. I didn’t want to leave in the late morning or early afternoon. The drive takes 13 1/2 to 14 hours. If I left then, I would arrive home well after midnight. And I hate doing that. 

Instead, I’m going to drive through the night and arrive during daylight. I’m okay with this since I did, in fact, sleep in today. Also, I spent the day basically hanging out and relaxing. I won’t be tired during the drive. If I do get a little tired, I have multiple Audible books ready to go. I also have satellite radio – lots and lots of choices. I’m also not adverse to pulling into a well-lit rest area and taking a nap. I’ve done it before. 

I’m going to take the reverse of the route that got me to Dallas. Most of the time, I like going through Oklahoma and Missouri. But that route is about an hour longer – and it goes through more metropolitan areas. This route will take me through East Texas, Arkansas, Southeast Missouri, and pretty much ALL of Illinois. It’s not as scenic or interesting, but I’ll avoid more traffic in large cities. I’m good with that. Plus, it’s nighttime, there’s not much to see anyway. 

So, look out for my quick updates on Facebook as I cross state lines. 

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