November 2016

NaBloPoMo (11/2016) – Day 24: A Good Day

Aaaahhhhhh! It is done. The food was prepared. The family gathered. Prayers were shared. Food was consumed. Naps were had. It was a good day.

As predicted, I woke to the fabulous smells of the roasting turkey. I got up early enough to get the turkey out of the oven to cool and prepare the stuffing to go into the oven when I got home from church. It turns out that I wasn’t on the schedule for mass today, so I was able to just enjoy the service. (Even if I was working hard to stay awake.) After cooking the stuffing and making the gravy, I actually had time to sit for a bit and take a power nap before going to my aunt’s.

Positive Outcomes:

  • Everyone who cooked or baked to contribute to the day’s feast were successful in their efforts. Everything was delicious! Even my “experiments” worked (which, let’s face it, weren’t all that radical to begin with).
  • We gathered at my aunt’s house at 1pm and were actually done eating by 2pm. If you read yesterday’s blog post, you’ll remember that I estimated 2:30pm as our meal starting time. We were all just far too efficient this year.
  • It was a blissfully non-political day. The closest we got to politics was a question about my safety pin. I simply explained what it means and why I wear it and everyone went “Okay! Cool.” And then we moved on.
  • I love hanging out with my cousins. We all run the spectrum on our views on politics, religion, society, etc. Sometimes there will be heated discussions. But, ultimately, we all just really like each other. Personally, I think liking my family is much more important than loving them.
  • My youngest cousins (2nd & 3rd cousins, actually) are growing into really fine young adults.
    • I have a running joke with my youngest cousin – I want her shoes. Ever since she was very small, perhaps 3, I would ask her if I could have her shoes. When this started, the response was “NOOOOOO!” as she ran away. Later it became, “No! They’re mine!” Then, “Noooo! Your feet are too big!” Today there was a pause as she thought about it. Everyone sort of held their breath. Finally – “Well, they wouldn’t fit you. So, you couldn’t wear them.” My response – “No, I couldn’t wear them. But I could put them on a shelf and look at them all the time. Because they’re so pretty!” She just gave me an eye roll as she slid off my lap and went to play.
    • The older of these cousins have reached the “sit at the adult table” age. I enjoy the conversations I’m able to have with them now. We talk about movies and books. Sometimes about theatre. Today there was discussion about policies and procedures for getting an Illinois Driver’s License.
  • Whenever we all get together, inevitably, we share memories of holidays gone by. I wasn’t always there for them when we were growing up – I was in San Diego – but reminiscing is always sweet.
  • My gravy was delicious! (That is not a euphemism.)

Less-Than-Positive Outcomes:

  • I still haven’t quite perfected the consistency/texture of the meat stuffing.
  • I took a nap when I got home in anticipation of going to the movies to see Arrival tonight. I slept too long. Arrival will have to wait for tomorrow.

So, yeah, all in all, it was a good day. Tiring, but good.

Once again, Happy Thanksgiving, dear readers.

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