November 2016

NaBloPoMo (11/2016) – Day 4: Let’s get organized. What time is it? What DAY is it?

I spent a great deal of the day thinking it was Thursday. Still. Then I got on the Friday bus and got my act together.

Yeah. Kidding. I accepted the Fridayness of it, but getting my act together is never a guarantee…no matter the day of the week. Back when I was working, I was a walking calendar. I could not only tell you the day of the week, I knew the date and which week of the year we were in. It was the nature of my job.  But I was also really good at quickly figuring out days of the week up to a couple of months in advance. If you gave me a date in, say, January 2017, I could do some fast calculating in my head and tell you whether that date landed on a Tuesday or a Sunday.

Not anymore.

I used to use my Outlook calendar to keep me on task because I had so many meetings – with clients, with employees, with bosses – and I had to keep track. Now I have to use my Google calendar just to remind me that it’s Sunday and I agreed to have lunch at my aunt’s house.

I could blame this on age. It would be easy to do. And I know there would be people out there saying, “Right on, Sister!” But, I can’t do that. This isn’t age. This is sloth. This is me not caring. I own that.

The thing is, I should care. I really should. I need to do better. I do well with routines. I am a creature of habit. So, I need to change my habits, I guess. You know, things like using my alarm in the morning, not taking naps at all hours, giving myself set tasks to accomplish each and every day. And then sticking to it.

This would not only help deal with my sloth and apathy, it would also help with my productivity. Amazingly, I actually get a lot of stuff done, even without a schedule or a fire under my ass. So, just imagine what I can do if I light a bonfire!

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