November 2015

NaBloPoMo (11/2015) – Day 27: Fear the Frog!

Now, I don’t usually watch football. It’s been years…years…since I’ve watched a professional game. I’m more likely to keep up with college ball.

I attended Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, TX. I earned two degrees while I was there. I loved, loved, loved my college years. I lived in the dorms until I graduated with my B.S. If there had been dorms for graduate students, I would have lived there while I was working on my M.S.

As an undergraduate, I attended every home football game. Every home game. And we weren’t even that good back then. But I was there. In the section right next to the band. In the section that stood for the entire game. My friends and I would lose our voices from yelling and cheering along with the cheerleaders. I was so into it!

I bled purple. I was a proud Horned Frog!

Photo by Stephen Stookey
Photo by Stephen Stookey

Since graduating, I keep up with the Frogs, but after the fact. I usually remember to check the scores on Monday to see how TCU did over the weekend. The last full game I watched was in 2011 when TCU beat Wisconsin in the Rose Bowl. THAT was fun.

I get emails every week from the Alumni Association indicating where the “Frog watching parties” are happening all over the US. There’s an Alumni Chapter in Chicago – and I get notifications from them, too. But I don’t attend. I graduated in 1990 and 1992…most of the folks in the chapter are much, much younger than I am. I doubt I could keep up with them!

Tonight, TCU played Baylor. It was an epic nail-biter!!! O.M.G. That game was not good for my blood pressure. I caught the second half. The two teams were tied. The game ended up going to TWO overtimes! I actually paid attention to the game. So odd for me. I usually check the score and go on to something else.

Now, when I was in school, Baylor was one of my favorite teams…besides the Frogs, of course. We knew we were in for a good game…and a good time. We had a friendly rivalry with Baylor and the Baylor fans. Good-natured ribbing. Fun band battles.  When I hear that TCU will be playing Baylor, I tend to pay a little more attention. As I did tonight.

And, I still have the friendly rivalry going with Baylor fans. A friend of mine is a Baylor alum. So, I made a bet with her. “If Baylor wins, you get extra fruitcake. If TCU wins, you get extra pound cake.”  Again, friendly and fun.

TCU won. I’ll still send her the extra fruitcake.


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