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NaBloPoMo (11/2015) – Day 23: I blame Jessica Jones

So, I really wanted to write something interesting tonight. But, I’m afraid I won’t have much for you.

You see, I started watching Jessica Jones on Netflix the other day and I stopped after the 5th episode. I planned to pick up the rest of it after Thanksgiving, since I have things to do. But then people started talking about it on Facebook. And, so, I said, “Well, just one episode.”

Yeah. I just finished Episode 12. Just one more to go.

Oh, and I spent the day waiting for someone to come by and fix my heater. He showed up a bit after 5pm and spent about 2 hours on it. He said I set a record for him….there was more than one thing wrong with the furnace. He’s never had that happen before. In the end, he got it working so that the cats and I won’t get frostbite. But, ultimately, I need a new furnace. So I have him working up prices for all new heating and air conditioning. Might as well get that taken care of, too, so my summers aren’t hit and miss with cool air. Fun stuff!

I’ll be back tomorrow. Hopefully with something more interesting. Maybe I’ll give my thoughts on Jessica Jones. I’ll try to actually write more about the show than my new crush on Krysten Ritter.

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