NaBloPoMo (11/2015) – Day 7: 20 Things I don’t understand

  1. Sibling rivalry
  2. Hatred
  3. Insensitivity
  4. Why Bunheads was cancelled
  5. Cancer
  6. Lack of empathy
  7. Divisiveness
  8. Quantum Physics
  9. Us vs. Them
  10. Why cats stare at the wall
  11. Apathy
  12. Lack of commitment
  13. Not walking the walk
  14. Postmodernism
  15. Entitlement
  16. Why Fox didn’t market Dollhouse
  17. Religious superiority
  18. Taxes
  19. Nietzsche
  20. Saying “Good-bye”

Do you agree? Disagree? Or do you just think I'm nifty? Leave a note to let me know! (Comments are being moderated - I've been getting a lot of spam. Please don't let this stop you from commenting.)

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