Dancing With The Stars Recaps Season 15 - All Stars!

DWTS: All Stars – Week 4 Results Show

Okay, let’s get to it…just like they did on the show.  A little bit of fanfare at the beginning and then right into results!

We’re in Week 4, but based on the dances thus far, it really does feel like Week 8.  It’s nice to see some clear competition right from the first dance.  We’ve definitely been seeing some competition, too! The season is going to get more and more tense each week.

So the show opens with a dance.  Shocking, I know!  It’s the troupe and some of the professionals.  I see Chelsie Hightower out there (she’s really a cutie) and..ooohh…Anna TrebUNskaya!  Lovely Russian redhead.  Sharna!  *drool*

I really need to get out more.

The first round of results!

Up first are Bristol/Mark, Shawn/Derek, Kelly/Val, and Sabrina/Louis.

Oh, let’s just cut to the chase, shall we?

Everyone is safe except Bristol and Mark – they are in jeopardy!!  (Who didn’t see that coming in this group?)

Did anyone else notice the really, really awkward way that Brooke revealed to Kelly and Val that they were safe?  She just sort of stopped talking and stared at them.  Weird.

Carson Kressley returns to the ballroom to show us what goes on behind the scenes and to have a little fun.  Carson really is fun.  I wish they would dump Brooke and put Carson in her place.   Of course, Carson needs to paw at Maks a bit (and make literary references that Maks simply does not get).  And, of course, he must take the opportunity to put a little makeup on Gilles’ chest. It wouldn’t be a visit from Carson without those activities.

The Macy’s Stars of Dance performance is next:  The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers.  Huh.  Well, yes, they are very, very good.  I’m not sure I would go so far as “extraordinary” though.

Alright, good…more results.

Now we have Emmit/Cheryl, Gilles/Peta and Apolo/Karina.

Again, let’s not waste time.

Apolo and Karina are in jeopardy!!  The others are safe. (Poor Karina…she might cry again.)

Now Cheryl Burke gets out on the dancefloor and performs a Cha-Cha with 2 women and 2 men that she’s known since she was 12.  It’s a pretty awesome Cha-Cha.

The last two couples are Melissa/Tony and Kirstie/Maks.

As expected…Kirstie and Maks are in jeopardy!!!  Melissa/Tony live to dance another week.

Filler time, so Donny Osmond and Susan Boyle sing.  If someone asked me to pick someone to sing a song with Donny Osmond, Susan Boyle would not have been the first person to come to mind.  She has a beautiful voice – I just don’t see the pairing.  And, I’m a little right.  Individually, they each sing nicely.  But their voices just don’t blend as well as I would like them to.  But it’s clear that Donny just loves Susan and is a really nice guy – it’s painfully obvious that Susan is nervous.  But Donny stays right by her side, encouraging her.  What a guy.  We’re also treated to a lovely dance by Kym Johnson and Tristan McManus. Ah.

Now the two couples with the top two cumulative scores are going to choose their teams for next week’s team dance!  Gilles/Peta and Shawn/Derek come down to the stage and start by picking their music.  Gilles/Peta end up with “Gangham Style” and Shawn/Derek get “Call Me Maybe.”   G/P are excited.  S/D are not so excited.

So, time to pick the teams!!


  • Kelly/Val
  • Kirstie/Maks
  • Emmit/Cheryl


  • Sabrina/Louis
  • Melissa/Tony
  • Apolo/Karina

That leaves Bristol/Mark to see what happens with the final elimination.  If it’s either Kirstie/Maks or Apolo/Karina who get eliminated, Bristol/Mark will take the eliminated couple’s place.  If Bristol/Mark get eliminated…we’ll, everything remains as it is.

So, now we have to find out the final elimination before the show goes overtime and interrupts the debates.  Hmmm…isn’t there a dance or two or seven that the troupe can do?

Anyway…we learn that Apolo and Karina are SAFE!  Yes!  Their fans pulled through for them.

So that leaves Kirstie/Maks and Bristol/Mark in the bottom two.

Who gets eliminated?

Oh, my goodness…they Mayans might be on to something!  Bristol and Mark are ELIMINATED!  (The prayers of many have been answered!)

It was just a matter of time.  It took less time than I had expected, though.  I don’t hate Bristol – and I do believe that there was a part of Mark that wasn’t into this season – but it was definitely time for her to go.

So, what do you think?

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