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DWTS: All Stars – Week 4 is proving that everyone is in it to win it!

Is anyone else absolutely amazed that this is only Week 4 of DWTS: All Stars?  Based on the dancing we’ve seen thus far this season, it feels like it’s semi-finals week…EVERY week!

This week the producers of the show have thrown yet another challenge at our intrepid dancers – dances that have not been performed on the show before.  I think we’re in for some interesting and exciting dances from everyone, that’s for sure.

Paula Abdul will be on the dance floor this evening, as well, serving as a guest judge.  I’m good with this.  Paula’s got the dancing chops to judge this kind of show, that’s for sure.  This is so much better than when they had past contestants as guest judges.  Didn’t they all give perfect scores?  Pfft!

Alright…on to the dances, once again, in the order they scored.

  1. Gilles and Peta dancing Bollywood:  39.5/40
    • There’s some drama during their rehearsals – 48 hours before the show and they still didn’t quite know what they were doing.  Scary stuff, to be sure.  Especially when you consider how seriously Gilles takes this whole thing.  But, I tell ya what, that dance was SPECTACULAR! It was fast paced, it was technically excellent, they were totally into it.  I loved it.  Loved it, I say!
  2. Shawn and Derek dancing the Mambo:  39.5/40
    • After last week’s dance, Shawn and Derek have a lot to live up to.  I’m so glad that they got McKayla to teach her “unimpressed” face.  Classic.  This was another dance that I just really loved.  I think Derek must be living in a choreographer’s wet dream – he’s got a partner that can and will do just about any move on that dance floor that he asks for.  Seriously, though…does Shawn ever get out of breath?
  3. Kelly and Val dancing Contemporary:  37.5
    • Contemporary, huh?  The possibilities that were going through my head during the past week were not pretty.  This is why I’m not a dance.  I’m glad Val was able to pull it off.  And pull it off, he did!  I was a little creeped out by Kelly and Val throughout the show – every time the camera was on them, they looked like they were about to shuck this whole dancing thing and go get a room.  After seeing the dance, however, I got it.  The emotion and intensity of the dance was simply off the charts!  Sometimes Kelly got a tad out of sync with Val during the side by side stuff, but this was great.  Poor Kelly even danced with a broken toe.
  4. Melissa and Tony dancing the Jitterbug: 37/40
    • Because it’s not a regular DWTS dance, I’m not as familiar with the Jitterbug.  However, I do know that it often will involve a lot more tricks and lifts than other dances.  I think Tony’s choreography this season has been really great – it helps when he has a partner who can live up to the dancing!  I liked this dance a lot.  It was energetic and fast paced.  Really, really fun to watch.  Too bad about that one trick toward the end.
  5. Emmit and Cheryl dancing the Bolero:  36/40
    • I can’t stay that I was overly fond of this dance.  Based on some of the research (read: looking stuff up on the internet) I did about this dance over the last week, this didn’t really look like any of the Bolero dances I watched.  This seemed more like a PG-13 Rumba.  It was executed nicely.  And it was fun to see Emmit bring out his “I’m too sexy for this dance” side.  I just didn’t feel it, I guess.
  6. Sabrina and Louis dancing Disco:  35.5/40
    • I know that Sabrina said she didn’t want to do Saturday Night Fever, but I think they could have used a little bit of that vibe.  You know, that Tony Minero attitude would have made this pop just a little more.  But, overall, I did think it was a strong dance.  I don’t know if Bruno is right and she got off the beat, but there were times when she could have been a little bit smoother.  Overall, though, a good performance.  (Glad she lost the big, blue, feather coat thingy.)
  7. Apolo and Karina dancing Hip Hop:  34.5/40
    • Clearly Karina was not comfortable with this style of dance.  I don’t blame her.  There are so many things that can go wrong – and they did.  Poor Karina slipped and really hit the dance floor hard!  Poor thing.  And Apolo was having issues with his mic during the routine.  Fortunately, both mishaps happened at the same time and they were able to pick up from there.  Karina just made me want to cry, though.
  8. Bristol and Mark dancing Rock and Roll:  32/40
    • This was a fun dance.  Best thing that Bristol could have said during rehearsals was “I just don’t want to be dancing with a rabbit.”  I think that shows that she’s grown up a bit since her last season on the show – she doesn’t follow blindly anymore.  However, I thought she should have let Mark put in a bit more difficulty.  I mean, this is ALL STARS – if you’re going to go down, go down in a blaze of glory.  Or at least the effort for glory.  Overall, it wasn’t a horrible dance.  In any other season, it would be fantastic.
  9. Kirstie and Maks dancing the Charleston:  30/40
    • It was fun.  It was flirty.  It was totally Kirstie.  Unfortunately, I don’t know if “fun and flirty” is going to cut it for much longer.  Kirstie needs to get on board with the technical side of things. This dance needed to be sharper.  It needed to be faster.  It needed to be less about Kirstie’s boobs.  Again, in another season, this would have been an excellent dance.  But it just doesn’t cut it this season.

So, there we have it…the scores for week 4.  Next week, we’re going to have TWO nights of competition.  No eliminations!  Once again, the producers are playing in a completely different sandbox – there will be TEAM dances next week.  The top two cumulative scoring couples will be the team captains.  The teams will be chosen live on tomorrow night’s results show.  (Which, by the way, is on at 8pm EST…there will not be a recap.  They want to make sure they aren’t “competing” with the presidential debate.)  Who are the top two couples?  Here’s a look at the scores thus far:

Team Wk 1 Wk 2 Wk 3 Wk 4 Total
Gilles/Peta 24.0 25.5 25.0 39.5 114.0
Shawn/Derek 22.0 25.0 26.5 39.5 113.0
Sabrina/Louis 22.5 26.0 25.5 35.5 109.5
Melissa/Tony 21.0 23.5 27.0 37.0 108.5
Kelly/Val 21.5 22.0 27.0 37.5 108.0
Emmit/Cheryl 24.5 22.5 25.0 36.0 108.0
Apolo/Karina 22.0 24.5 25.5 34.5 106.5
Kirstie/Maks 19.0 21.0 24.0 30.0 94.0
Bristol/Mark 19.5 18.0 22.5 32.0 92.0
Helio/Chelsie 21.5 23.0 25.5 70.0
Drew/Anna 21.5 22.5 24.0 68.0
Joey/Kym 20.5 22.5 43.0
Pamela/Tristan 17.0 17.0

There are 9 couples, so the teams will be a little lop-sided.  That’s okay.  It should make things interesting.

Next week is also “Guilty Pleasures” week – I can’t wait for that!

Once again, I think the bottom 4 are the couples who are the most in jeopardy for tomorrow night’s eliminations.  I wonder what will happen.

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