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DWTS: All Stars – Week 3 Results Show

It’s time to queue the music!  It’s time to light the lights!  It’s time to….

Whoops!  Wrong show!  Sorry, I was switching between DWTS and The Muppets this evening.  It was a long day.  I needed to make sure I didn’t nod off in the middle of eliminations.  Switching the channels kept me involved. 🙂

It’s Double Elimination night!  Two of the All Stars will be leaving the show this evening.  As they have said many, many time on the show, it’s going to be a tough elimination no matter whose name gets called.  Truth.

I did actually sit through the first recap hour and watched the dances again.  I wanted to see if my first impressions from last night stayed with me 24 hours later.  They did.  After that hour of re-watching dances and listening to Tom announce (repeatedly) that there would be an announcement to shake DWTS to the core, the actual results show began.

We get our first of what I’m sure will be many reminders that the remaining couples will choose dances for another couple.  Some of the dances have never been performed on DWTS.    I’m hoping for a rousing Polka, myself.

Since we can’t have a results show with actual results right at the beginning, the show begins with Shawn and Derek dancing their (blatant rule-breaking) Quickstep.  Once again, it was a high-flying, energetic dance, which was performed very well (even with the rule breakage).  And, once again, Shawn was not out of breath.

I think she’s a vampire.

Alright, they bring out the first four couples to the chopping block…erm…dancefloor:  Melissa/Tony, Gilles/Peta, Kirstie/Maks, and Emmit/Cheryl.

Tom talks a bit to Melissa/Tony and Gilles/Peta – reminding them what the judges said the night before – and then blithely informs them that both couples are SAFE!!!

Now Brooke – in a much less charming fashion – chats with Emmit/Cheryl with her pouty sounding “oh, you didn’t get to the top of the leaderboard” voice.  Fortunately, however, she also lets them know that they are SAFE!

Which means, Kirstie/Maks are in jeopardy!

Yeah, that’s about what I had expected for the first group.

It’s quite impossible to have more results at this point, so they bring out Frankie Moreno to sing a bit while Lacey Schwimmer, Kyle Massey and troupe members do a little dance.  How exciting!

Okay, more results now.  Brooke is in the celebriquarium and sends down the next group:  Shawn/Derek, Apolo/Karina, Drew/Anna, and Kelly/Val.

Same routine as last time – Tom chats with Shawn/Derek and Apolo/Karina before letting them know that both couples are SAFE!

Brooke makes it through her “oh dear, I don’t have a teleprompter” chat with Kelly/Val to let them know that they are SAFE!

Which means, Drew/Anna are in jeopardy!

In a very non-DWTS move, they go right into the first elimination of the night.  Who will be leaving?  Kirstie/Maks or Drew/Anna.

The couple with the lowest combined score is…..Drew and Anna!

So, Kirstie and Maks are safe for another week.

I’m sad to see them go, but not for my love of Drew.  He’s a pretty good dancer.  But I didn’t really see him bringing it over the last couple of weeks.  He was solid, but not stellar.  And, of course, I’ll miss the redheaded Russian bombshell.  But, perhaps she and the charming Leprechaun (Tristan, for those of you not in the know) will have the chance to do some of the spotlight dances.  That would be nice.

After the sadness of having an elimination, the DWTS powers-that-be decide now is the time for a little bit of fun.  It’s time to choose dances for next week.

They’ve put everyone in order of their cumulative scores and will start at the bottom.  The bottom couple will choose for the couple in the lead.  The couple second from the bottom will choose for the couple in second place…and so on.  So, this is how it plays out….

  • Bristol/Mark choose for Gilles/Peta….BOLLYWOOD! (Should be interesting – I predict very, very little clothing for Peta.)
  • Kirstie/Maks choose for Sabrina/Louis…DISCO! (Sabrina and Louis seems pretty excited about that.  Is Sabrina even old enough to know what Disco is?)
  • Helio/Chelsie choose for Shawn/Derek…MAMBO! (“Mambo #5” or “Mambo Italiano” – I’d pay to see either.)
  • Kelly/Val choose for Emmit/Cheryl…BOLERO! (Everyone looks confused – WTF is Bolero?  Maybe it’s like a decaf Paso Doble. Or a Jolt Rhumba.  I guess we’ll find out.)
  • Melissa/Tony choose for Apolo/Karina…HIP HOP! (Apolo and Karina are nearly overwhelmed with excitement.  If I remember correctly, Apolo is pretty good with Hip Hop.)
  • Apolo/Karina choose for Melissa/Tony…JITTERBUG! (If their Jive was any indication, Melissa and Tony should do pretty well with this dance.)
  • Emmit/Cheryl choose for Kelly/Val…CONTEMPORARY!  (Huh?  What does that mean?  If this turns into Interpretive Dance, I might cry.)
  • Shawn/Derek choose for Helio/Chelsie…BROADWAY! (With Helio’s personality, this dance style should fit the couple well.)
  • Sabrina/Louis choose for Kirstie/Maks…CHARLESTON! (“If we want to help them, Charleston.  If we want to harm them, Rock & Roll.”  They chose Charleston – much to Kirstie’s dismay!)
  • Gilles/Peta would choose, but there’s only one left for Bristol/Mark…ROCK AND ROLL! (Let’s see what they can do with this one.  Perhaps there won’t be as many rules for Mark to break.)

It’s time for a spotlight performance.  We’re introduced to Josh Johnson – a Junior at Penn State – who dances in subways in NYC to earn money for his education.  What a nice young man!  And talented – his tapping is very, very good.  Awww…and standing ovations make him cry.  I wish I were rich – I’d pay for the rest of his education.

Now it’s time for Karmin to come out and sing a “medley” of their hits.  All two of them.  Okay, that was snarky.  Sorry.  They’re fairly new and on the rise…and I like them a lot.  I just think saying two songs are a medley is funny.  Chelsie and some of the troupe members come out to dance.  Sharna is dancing!  I like Sharna. <drool>


Now it’s time for the last couples to learn their fates:  Sabrina/Louis, Helio/Chelsie, and Bristol/Mark.

Immediately we learn that Bristol and Mark are SAFE!!!

Oh dear…here it comes.  (Seriously, if you don’t want Bristol to stick around, get out there and vote for some other folks. That’s how the game is played.)

So that leaves us with Sabrina/Louis and Helio/Chelsie…one couple will be going home!  (This has to be horrible for Sabrina, especially.  To be eliminated – again – so soon in the competition?!)

BUT…Sabrina and Louis are SAFE!!!

So that means Helio and Chelsie have been eliminated!

Okay, so Helio has to go.  He’s a talented guy and I’ll certainly miss his great attitude.  But, he just didn’t have the fans out there – not when compared with the other folks on the show this year.

So, what did you think?  What are you looking forward to next week?

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