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DWTS: All Stars – The pace picks up in Week 2!

Well, we’re back for another week!

Week 1 proved to be pretty outstanding – it’s clear that “bringing the ‘A’ game” isn’t going to be enough this season.  Everyone is good.  Even Pamela Anderson – for as content as I was to see her go (her, not Tristan) – in any other season, that would have been an excellent first week dance.

Alas, someone had to be eliminated, and she was the obvious choice.  While I’m sad to see my favorite Leprechaun go, I’m glad that we’ll get to see him in more of the spotlight dances.  Give that boy a talented partner and look out!  Now, let’s see if the producers will give him that talented partner one of these seasons.

This week, everyone is either dancing the Jive or the Quickstep.  I happen to really like both of these dances, so I’m pretty excited about that.

Let’s see how they did! Here is how they scored – from top of the leaderboard to the bottom.

(I did something a little different tonight.  I switched away – or muted – while the judges were commenting and came back – or unmuted – when it was time for scores.  I don’t know why.  I just thought it would be different.  I have it DVR’d, so I can go back and listen to the three of them snicker and snipe at each other.)

  1. Sabrina and Louis dancing the Quickstep: 26/30
    • Oh, goodness.  Louis dumped Sabrina during rehearsals and she got hurt!  Fortunately, it didn’t adversely affect her performance.  This was a really great Quickstep.  It was high-energy.  It was well choreographed.  It was well executed.  Really deserving of the top spot.  Why was Sabrina eliminated in the previous season?
  2. Gilles and Peta dancing the Jive:  25.5/30
    • *sigh* Peta just might be my major crush for the season.  Does that woman ever look bad?  Jiminy Cricket!  However, this week Gilles is showing more cleavage than Peta.  There’s a change.  This was a really fabulous Jive – I totally couldn’t tell that Gilles was injured.  That’s impressive.  He held nothing back and kept up with Peta nicely.  And Peta sure knows how to work the fringe.  Whew!
  3. Shawn and Derek dancing the Jive:  25/30
    • Yay for the Hairspray theme!  I love that stuff.  Alright, speaking of keeping up with your partner – Shawn is really killing it here!  Her technique is really good and she’s doing well with Derek’s choreography.  (If you’ve read my posts in the past, then you know I think Derek is one of the best choreographers on the show – if not the best.)  These are contenders!
  4. Apolo and Karina dancing the Quickstep: 24.5/30
    • Here is another Quickstep that I really liked – it looked like a Quickstep.  I don’t always like Karina’s choreography, but I will give her props for sticking to the “rules of the dance.” (Except that one Jive with JR…but I think Len was in a bad mood that night.)  The stamina that Apolo might have been slightly lacking last week was firmly in place this week.  He did a really nice job keeping up with the intricate steps and the pace.
  5. Melissa and Tony dancing the Jive: 23.5/30
    • The video before their dance mentions Melissa’s injury in her first season – they didn’t get to actually perform the Jive in competition, so the judges had to score one of their rehearsal videos.  Ugh!  I would think these two are looking for a little redemption.  Well, I liked it!  It was fast.  It was fun.  I think that it could have been a little more complex on the choreography end of things, but what do I know?
  6. Helio and Chelsie dancing the Jive: 23/30
    • The dancefloor is definitely burning this week!  Another really nice dance.  Once in a while it seemed like Helio got a tad flat-footed, but overall, I really liked this dance.  This man really has charisma – you just get pulled right into that smile and his attitude is just infectious!  And the man can wear bright pink and still look good!
  7. Emmit and Cheryl dancing the Quickstep:  22.5/30
    • So, Emmit says he’s not intimidated by the other contestants, huh?   Alright, on a purely physical standpoint, I can see that.  But, if the dancing tonight is any indication, he better keep looking over his shoulder.  Because, tonight, he wasn’t as good as the others.  He looked smooth; he looked confident.  But…he didn’t pull it off like he needed to.  Or like he could have.  C’mon, Twinkletoes.
  8. Drew and Anna dancing the Jive:  22.5/30
    • Alright…Drew picked it up this week.  Granted, only by one point over last week, but every point (or half-point) counts.  Let’s hope that his fans kick in for him this week so he doesn’t end up in the bottom two again!  I liked this Jive.  It had some great energy and fun choreography.  And Anna always looks good in leather.  (Grrrrwwwl!)  Once in a while, Drew was a little flat-footed, but he performed the hell out of this dance…and it paid off.
  9. Joey and Kym dancing the Quickstep: 22.5/30
    • I really like Joey Fatone.  I didn’t much care for this dance.  I don’t know what it was.  It could have been the music.  It could have been the costumes.  Very likely it was the dance itself.  While Joey and Kym had fun performing it, there was just something missing.  Joey might have been too busy selling and not busy enough paying attention to his footwork.  It was just sort of “meh” for me.
  10. Kelly and Val dancing the Quickstep:  22/30
    • During their rehearsals, Kelly couldn’t quite get Val to understand that it’s sort of difficult to keep “the girls” still while bouncing around for the Quickstep.  So, she brought in a visual aide – she put a bra on Val and filled it with a couple of water balloons.  He got it then!  It was probably the funniest part of the show tonight.  The dance had grace, that’s for sure.  But Kelly just didn’t seem comfortable to me.  There were parts that seemed a little sloppy, too.  In any other season, that would have been a fabulous dance.  For this season, it was just “okay.”
  11. Kirstie and Max dancing the Jive:  21/30
    • Well, just like in her original appearance on DWTS, Kirstie is having difficulty with the Jive.  It’s just a little too fast for her.  I understand.  It would be too fast for me too.  Maks does a decent job of trying to dance around her, but that’s just it…he’s dancing around her and she’s not doing much of the dancing.  Here’s another case of being able to sell the performance, but missing the technique.
  12. Bristol and Mark dancing the Quickstep: 18/30
    • So they are going for a Country themed Quickstep.  I do happen to like that song.  It’s charmingly irreverent.  Bristol really is coming out this season with a lot more confidence.  She seems much less scared and more prepared to have some fun.  Again, doesn’t matter whether you love her or hate her, the fact is, she’s not bad.  I’m thinking Mark may have hurt them the most on this one – the choreography isn’t great.  This doesn’t look at all like a Quickstep.  It’s clear they are having fun, but it’s not a Quickstep.  Bad, Mark.

So, there’s Week 2.  Honestly, I think that any of the bottom 4 on the leaderboard could go home tomorrow night.  It’s all going to depend on who has the votes.  Really, it could be any of them.  I know that there are so, so many of you out there who really want Bristol off the show…and I understand.  But, putting everything else aside, I think she’s doing well this season.  Mark just needs to do some better choreography.  Where’s the stuff like last season?  Kelly can pull this stuff off…if Val can buckle down a bit and stop flirting.  (The boy does flirt a lot.)  I want to see Kym do for Joey what she did for Hines Ward – she really whipped that big guy into shape and choreographed to fit his style.  She needs to do that with Joey now.  Maks is doing everything he can with Kirstie…and she is really working hard.  It’s just a question of whether or not that’s going to be enough.  She is the oldest of the competitors – by a pretty good margin.  Sure, age doesn’t really matter – she was a finalist her season.  But, she’s up against athletes who have great stamina.  She’s up against champions – in their respective sports and on this show.  So, something’s gotta give.

Here’s a look at the overall standings.  Even though Gilles and Peta came in 2nd in each week, overall, they have the most points.  Peta did that with Donald Driver…consistency.  Look out, everyone!

Team Wk 1 Wk 2 Total
Gilles/Peta 24.0 25.5 49.5
Sabrina/Louis 22.5 26.0 48.5
Shawn/Derek 22.0 25.0 47.0
Emmit/Cheryl 24.5 22.5 47.0
Apolo/Karina 22.0 24.5 46.5
Melissa/Tony 21.0 23.5 44.5
Helio/Chelsie 21.5 23.0 44.5
Drew/Anna 21.5 22.5 44.0
Kelly/Val 21.5 22.0 43.5
Joey/Kym 20.5 22.5 43.0
Kirstie/Maks 19.0 21.0 40.0
Bristol/Mark 19.5 18.0 37.5
Pamela/Tristan 17.0  —- 17.0

What do you think?

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