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DWTS: Reflections on the Eve of the Finals

When it comes to Dancing With the Stars, I usually blog on Monday and Tuesday nights.  Those are the nights that the show is on and that’s when I post my recaps.

It’s Sunday night.  What gives?

To be honest, I just can’t take it any more.

This season has simply been far too amazing to NOT have on my mind every day.  Every. Single. Day.  Without fail.

For anyone who has been keeping up with my posts this season, you know that I really did do my best to be as impartial as possible when it came to my recaps – or at least my comments and opinions about the dances.  I did do my best to be fair.

When it came to the personalities of the people on the screen, I didn’t hold back.  I told it like I saw it.  And, yes, my views of some of these people changed over the course of the season.  For example…

In week 1, I thought for sure Maria Menounos’ laugh was going to drive me to drink.  By the Semi-Finals, I was really, really, really sad to see her eliminated.  She really proved herself to be a great dancer.

In week 1, I was pulling for Jaleel White.  He had talent and he seemed really friendly and charming.  By week 7 when he was eliminated, I was really, really, really ready to see him go.  His charm went away and he started to offend me on a weekly basis.

The three finalists – Katherine Jenkins, Donald Driver, and William Levy – all deserve to be there.  They’ve worked hard, showed improvement, had great attitudes – everything necessary in a DWTS Champion.

Donald Driver & Peta Murgatroyd

What’s very interesting is that most of us hadn’t heard of any of them before this season started.  Well, most of us in the United States, anyway.

(Okay, Donald Driver is an American football player with a Superbowl ring…sure, people know him.  But, c’mon.  I’m from Bears country.  The Packers are supposedly our mortal enemy.  You’d think I’d have more knowledge of him.)

Donald proved to be extremely competent at dancing.  He has that winning smile and happy-go-lucky sort of personality that just makes us like him!  Peta has really blossomed this season as a professional, as well.  After having to deal with Meta World Peace (aka Ron Artest; aka “The Elbow Thrower”) in season 13, she deserved a good partner.

Katherine Jenkins just came out of nowhere – knocking us all off our feet starting in week one.  Katherine was the mystery woman right from the start.

Katherine Jenkins

She wasn’t there with everyone else when the cast was announced.

She and Mark did quite a bit of rehearsing in London.

Her official DWTS photo was the last one I could find anywhere on the internet.

(That picture to the left isn’t from DWTS…I just like this one.  MEOW!  Why in the world that woman was worried about bringing on the sexy is beyond me!  Okay, actually, her modesty and shyness – besides being adorable whenever she giggles – has been quite refreshing and charming.  It’s nice to see a woman in show business who needs coaxing to sex things up a bit.)

See?  Mystery woman! Even now, if you click on that that picture of Donald Driver and go through the slide show, she won’t be there.

Look closely, and you won’t find William Levy’s picture there either! What’s up with that?

William Levy

What I like about William Levy is that he knows he’s abso-friggin-lutely gorgeous without really knowing that he’s abso-friggin-lutely gorgeous.  It’s like he knows because people have told him and paid him lots of money to pout at the camera.  But when he looks in the mirror, he just says, “Eh, it’s me!”

That “it’s not all about me and my pecs” attitude has served him well this season.  It’s one thing to be just outstandingly good looking – that will get you votes – but if you rely on just those good looks to keep you going, you’re in trouble.  William works hard.  He gives the impression of being embarrassed by the good looks and the attention he’s receiving.  Remember his resistance all season to taking off his shirt?  He wants it to be about dancing – not his smokey, “come hither” gaze.

(Although, he certainly does have quite the entrancing “come hither” gaze.  Even I can see that.  And I’m NOT very likely to prefer William’s particular type of “naughty bits” – to borrow Katherine’s phrase.)

So, overall, this should be an exciting Final!  I’m really expecting outstanding dances from all three of these contestants.  Of course, what that means is that it will come down to the fans.  And the fans are sure gearing up!

Tuesday night will be fun because the whole cast will be back.  It will be great to see Gavin and Gladys and Sherri, etc. again.  And the final dance number with everyone performing is usually fun and interesting.

See you tomorrow night, Dance Fans!

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