Dancing With The Stars Recaps Season 14

DWTS – Elimination Round for Week 9, The Semi-Finals (Spoilers!)

Last night’s competition proved that the Mirrorball is really anyone’s to win this year.  Any of the four remaining couples deserves to be in the finals.  But only three couples can survive to next week.

One couple will be leaving tonight disappointed…and, likely, brokenhearted.

At the end of last night’s dancing, here is where things stood:

  1. Maria/Derek take the surprise lead with 59 out of 60 points for the night.
  2. William/Cheryl are hot on their dancing heels with 58 out of 60 points for the night.
  3. Donald/Peta are still looking for that perfect score after earning 57 out of 60 points for the night.
  4. Katherine/Mark are in a precarious fourth place with 56 out of 60 points for the night.

A mere 3 points separates the top and the bottom of the leader board.

The real question here is whether or not those rankings are a true reflection of how things should really be.  Or of how things really are.

A mere second or two at the end of Katherine and Mark’s final dance took them to the bottom or the leader board.  Surely, had Katherine not gotten injured, the judges would have given some 10s in there.

Maria/Derek have been on fire the last 2 or three weeks.  That’s great for them!  But are they really the best?

William/Cheryl and Donald/Peta have moments of brilliance and moments of…not-so-much-brilliance.  But they’ve been consistent throughout the season.

It’s going to come down to the fans.  It’s as simple as that.

All four of these contestants have lots of fans.

The show begins.

Encore dance is the Samba from William/Cheryl.  Of course, it was nearly impossible to hear Len introduce them over the screaming crowd.  But, then, that should have been our clue, right?

After the encore, we move right into some results.  They have Katherine/Mark on the stage and we’ll learn whether they are safe or in jeopardy.

And, of course, Tom’s script has him bringing up the final dance and her injury…the drama is at a premium.


Oh, I can begin breathing again.  I’m sure that Katherine and Mark can begin breathing, too.  But the rest of the couples must really be on edge right now.  Remember, Katherine/Mark scored the lowest total last night!  (Glad my votes helped!)

It’s the time of the year when the pros start dishing on the competition…this year, there’s some really tough competition.  So, of course, they are all very complimentary.  Could you see the little glint in Peta’s eyes when she was talking about Maria’s injuries as her weakness?  Shady!  (You know I’m kidding.)

And, of course, Brooke shows the video of Katherine and Mark’s dance last night…over and over…in slow motion…and puts the blame on Mark.  Way to go, Brooke!  Way to go!  Katherine looks pissed at her, too.

Design a Dance!!!  Tristan and Chelsie!  Yay! Dancing to Beyonce’s “End of Time”!  Now this is a Samba, boys and girls!

Note that Tristan can get through a Samba without opening or removing his shirt.  Love it!

As we return from the commercial it looks as though we’re about to have a musical performance – Alanis Morissette!  Gosh, it’s been forever since I’ve seen or heard from Alanis. She looks good.  I think I might like that song.  Huh.

Maria and Derek are next on the stage.  The behind the scenes footage shows a very, very excited Maria.  She just couldn’t get over herself.

The highest scoring couple from last night….are they in the finals or are they in jeopardy?


I expected that.

My prediction is that either Maria or Donald will be eliminated.  William is pretty sure to have the fan vote.  It will be a huge, HUGE shocker if William is eliminated.

So, if Donald is declared safe and William in jeopardy, then Maria is sure for elimination.  If William is safe and Donald is in jeopardy, it’s a coin toss. (Or as I often say, “a toin coss.”  I’m such a spaz sometimes.)

That’s what I think, anyway.

Exciting news!  The rumors are true – in the Fall we’ll have Dancing with the DWTS All Stars!  Say that three times fast. Non-winning stars from previous seasons will return to battle it out once again!  I wonder who we’ll get from this season…could be interesting.

Interviews with William/Cheryl and Donald/Peta…more “how do you feel” questions.  Someone needs to give Brooke some new cue cards.  They hire someone to dress her.  Can’t they get a writer for her too?

Time for a performance from Rock of Ages – Julianne Hough, Mary J. Blige, and Diego Boneta singing some of the hottest songs of the 80s.  Nice.

Of course there’s dancing, too…featuring Julianne in her very minimalist costume.

I have to say, usually I like Julianne’s singing.  But next to Mary J. Blige, that little girl just doesn’t cut the mustard.  Girlfriend can dance though…and rock the  big 80s hair.

I think Tom has a little crush on Julianne.  It’s kinda cute.

So, I’ve discussed in these recaps about my mother’s hatred for the Target commercials.  Now, let me mention my love for an AT&T commercial.

You know that one with the young woman who just got a part in a movie?  She even has a line – “Latte, please.”  She spends the entire commercial talking about her part, her character, her line.  I love that commercial!!!

Alright, enough of that.  We’re back to the show and a performance from Carrie Underwood!  Now this is someone I’d like to see dancing on DWTS.  I wouldn’t mind seeing her every week.

Who’s gonna come out to dance?  Ah, troupe members!  Sharna! (That’s the brunette…I learned her name. 🙂 ) And it looks like Tristan is out there too.  Sweet.

Another new song that I like.  Huh!

Oh, Henry and Emma were out there, too.  Did you know??  Emma Slater was in Mama Mia, the movie?  She played one of Sophie’s friends.  Weird trivia for you.

Looks like they’re putting William and Donald up there at the same time now…we’re getting to the end.


That means Donald and Peta are in Jeopardy.

Yep, a coin toss, I think.

Donald has the Packer Nation voting for him.  (Of course, he could have all of the Chicago Bears fans voting for anyone but him…just out of spite.  I’m not one of them!)

Maria has her own fan base – the Greeks – and Derek’s droves of fans voting for her.

But Peta is certainly growing her own fan base pretty quickly – plus she probably has everyone down under throwing her votes.

So, I do think it could go either way.

This commercial break is killing me.

The final results of the night!

The couple with the lowest combined total and who will be eliminated is…..MARIA AND DEREK.

The Packer Nation came through!


There we have it Dancefans!  We have our finalists:

  1. Katherine and Mark
  2. William and Cheryl
  3. Donald and Peta

Mark and Cheryl have each taken their celebrity to the finals and won the Mirrorball.  This is Peta’s first time to the finals – but it’s only her second season as a pro.

Next week should end up being smoking hot!  I can’t wait!

What do you think?  Did the right couples make it to the finals?

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