Dancing With The Stars Recaps Season 14

DWTS – Elimination Round for Week 7 (Spoilers!)

Another couple will be going home tonight.  Who will it be?  Here’s a quick reminder of how the score board is shaping up:

Couple Wk 1 Wk 2 Wk 3 Wk 4 Wk 5 Wk 6 DM Wk 7 Team Total
Katherine/Mark 26 26 29 24 29 29 10 27 27 227
William/Cheryl 24 25 28 22 29 27 9 27 26 217
Maria/Derek 21 25 27 26 27 26 4 30 27 213
Donald/Peta 21 24 26 27 27 27 7 27 26 212
Jaleel/Kym 26 22 25 22 24 29 8 24 27 207
Roshon/Chelsie 23 26 25 26 26 23 5 25 27 206
Melissa/Maks 20 20 24 22 21 24 6 21 26 184

I’m pretty sure that we can bet on the top 4 couples being safe.  None have been in the bottom two and all have had some pretty decent (and consistent) scores this season.  The bottom three, however, should probably be saying a few prayers.  Melissa and Maks don’t have the scores that the others have – but they’ve gotten some major fan votes.  Jaleel and Kym and Roshon and Chelsie, on the other hand, have both been in the bottom two – even with higher scores.

Oh, look….we’re getting an encore dance!  Len says, “It has to be Maria and Derek.”  Well, no, actually, it doesn’t.

“Kept having crazy nightmares last night, couldn't sleep at all.. Thanks alot @mariamenounos ha ha ha”

There were other good performances.  It could have as easily been Donald and Peta.  Of course, it’s not as crisp as it was last night, but that’s okay…and tonight, Maria dies!  Always fun with those two.

From there we move right into the results.

Up first are Katherine/Mark, Donald/Peta, and William/Cheryl.

First couple SAFE is……William/Cheryl!!

Donald/Peta are also SAFE.  Good thing…Peta looked like she might have hit something!

Katherine/Mark…..SAFE!  Oh, thank goodness!  I thought she was going to cry!

You know, Tom Bergeron is awesome…but he can really be an ass sometimes.  He’s far too much of a tease.

The final AT&T Spotlight Performance of the season.  Back story about a dancer – Richard Steelo Vasquez – who had a brain aneurism and lost his ability to dance and speak.  And, OH MY GOD, he’s back to dance!!  You need to watch this one.

What an inspiration!

Brooke spends a bit of time talking to the remaining 4 candidates.  And when she gets to Jaleel, he has the opportunity once again to say something that I find  offensive.  (“I ate cheesecake like a divorced mother of three.”  Really?)

Gavin Degraw returns this week to sing for us.  Karina Smirnoff and Louis Van Amstel will be dancing.    Karina and Gavin on stage together again.  How lovely.   It’s always nice to see Karina dance.  I’ll admit to not being one of Karina’s biggest fans in the early years.  (I thought she was kind of slutty, if you really want to know.)  But I’ve really enjoyed the way she’s sort of taken control and found herself.  That’s my take anyway.  And she’s just beautiful to watch when she dances.

Ballroom Battle time.  Team Cheryl, Team Tony, and Team Louis are the finalists and will be facing the judges!  Look out!

So it’s a No Holds Barred Jive Relay.

Team Cheryl – They were pretty good.  He might have been a litle too over-enthusiastic.

Team Tony – These two look like the clean-cut kids next door.  How very Tony Dovolani-like.

Team Louis – Yeah, this is Louis’ team…the boy has Louis’s cockiness.  It was a fast dance, that’s for sure.

3rd Place:  Team Louis

2nd Place: Team Tony

1st Place:  Team Cheryl

Okay…great.  Thanks.  Now it’s time for more results.

Next up are Maria/Derek, Roshon/Chelsie, Jaleel/Kym, and Melissa/Maks.

The next couple who is SAFE….Maria/Derek. (Are we surprised? If they hadn’t been safe, I’d have gotten out the tinfoil hat and waited for the invasion.)

The first couple in the bottom 2….Roshon/Chelsie. (Oh, not surprised here either…he doesn’t get votes in the good weeks.)

Melissa/Maks….are SAFE.  (Oh my giddy aunt!!!!  M&M need to buy their fans lunch!)

So, Jaleel/Kym are in the dance duel. (D’oh!)

This is going to be an interesting dance-off….both have danced the Rumba in competition. Will they be able to correct their mistakes from earlier weeks?

I’ll be honest here…Mom and I are in agreement:  whoever gets eliminated…we consider it a win-win.  Yes, it’s true that Melissa is not the strongest dancer.  She’s not, she’s not.  And, yes, it’s true that she sort of fits with Maks in the attitude department at times.  But there’s something about her that still makes me want to pull for her.  I would rather deal with her incredulous looks during judges’ comments than deal with Jaleel’s quips (which he thinks are witty) and Roshon’s ego.


If it were my choice, I would save Roshon and Chelsie.  I think they actually had more of a rumba than Jaleel and Kym.  They seemed more in synch.  With more time, I think Jaleel and Kym might have had a nice rumba – Kym is really great at the rumba – but it just didn’t work for them tonight, in my opinion.

Carrie Ann:  Saves Roshon/Chelsie

Len:  Saves Roshon/Chelsie

Bruno:  Saves Roshon/Chelsie

That means Jaleel/Kym have been eliminated from the competition.

Mom and I agree…we feel bad for Kym because we really like her.  But, on the positive side…this leaves Kym available to do more of the Pro dances.

So they start saying goodbye to Jaleel.  What my mother keeps bringing up is that he hasn’t once said anything nice, or even thank you, to/about Kym.  Mom doesn’t like it when the stars don’t acknowledge the pros.

And we move on to Week 8 of Dancing with the Stars.  Next week the couples face DOUBLE elimination!  No more Dance Duel to save them.

(Is next week the Instant Dance, too?)

What did YOU think of tonight’s elimination?  Chime in.

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