Dancing With The Stars Recaps Season 14

DWTS – Elimination Round for Week 6 (Spoilers!)

We’re back for another elimination night!

So, which couple will be going home tonight?  I think, quite unfortunately, that it’s going to be Gladys/Tristan.  I don’t want to see them go.  But they are at the bottom of the leader board and I can’t see them NOT being in the bottom two.  Of course, that means….Dance Duel.  I’m trying to think of who they could beat in the Jive…and I can’t.

My score board from last night was a little off.  So here’s the updated – with the scores for each week and then the season cumulative:

W1 W2 W3 W4 W5 W6 Total S14
Katherine/Mark 26 26 29 24 29 39 173
William/Cheryl 24 25 28 22 29 36 164
Donald/Peta 21 24 26 27 27 35 160
Maria/Derek 21 25 27 26 27 30 156
Jaleel/Kym 26 22 25 22 24 37 156
Roshon/Chelsie 23 26 25 26 26 28 154
Melissa/Maks 20 20 24 22 21 30 137
Gladys/Tristan 23 19 24 20 22 24 132


That pack in the middle needs to be careful – Maria/Derek, Jaleel/Kym, and Roshon/Chelsie.  They’re all well ahead of Melissa/Maks and Gladys/Tristan, but far behind Katherine/Mark.  They should all step it up!

The show opens with a Motown medley by the band and singers…with the troupe dancing.  The troupe was joined by Louis Van Amstel, Val Chmerkovskiy, and Peta Murgatroyd.  It was a fun dance.  I always enjoy watching the professionals.

So we’re going right into the first group:  William/Cheryl, Maria/Derek, Jaleel/Kym, and Melissa/Maks.

Of course, we go right into the first commercial. too.  I hate it when they do that. But as soon as we come back from commercial, they get right into the results…

The first safe couple is…..Jaleel/Kym.

The first couple in jeopardy is….Maria/Derek.

William/Cheryl…..are safe!

Melissa/Maks….are in jeopardy!

Well, there we have it…two couples are safe.  One I’m pleased about, one I’m not pleased about.  I think you can figure that one out.  The two couples in jeopardy are pretty expected.  However, it does not mean that both of these couples are in the bottom two.  It doesn’t mean that at all.

The AT&T Spotlight performance focuses on a young girl from West Africa – unfortunately, I didn’t get her name because my mother was talking at me – who was adopted by a couple from the U.S.  She overcame illness and adversity to become a really beautiful ballerina.  She dances while Natasha Bedingfield sings.  I like Natasha.  This was a really beautiful performance – that young lady is a wonderful dancer.

What’s up with Brooke’s hair?  I don’t like it. She always looks best when her hair is just down and flowing naturally.

It’s time for the requisite montage about how difficult it is to be on Dancing With the Stars.  No matter how many seasons these stars watch, they are  always shocked by it.  Interesting.

The Macy’s Stars of Dance is up now.  I missed the name of this dance group – but a quick check to the cable listing shows that it’s called Shaping Sound.  There’s lots of fog and women in billowy dresses.  The overhead camera shots are very reminiscent of Busby Berkley…I like it.  Overall, that was a really pretty dance.

And….another commercial!

Boyz II Men sing after the commercial is over.  Seriously, they’re releasing another album? I thought they all went on to lucrative careers in some other business a long time ago.  I guess I was wrong.

ANNA!!!  It looks like D’mitry flew in from the live in Las Vegas show to dance tonight.  I’m happy about the dancing.  I’m not happy about B2M…I didn’t really like them when boy bands were all the rage.  I don’t really like them now.  But, oooohhhhhhh, Anna!!

Finally!  More results!

Donald/Peta, Roshon/Chelsie, Katherine/Mark, and Gladys/Tristan are next up.

The next couple who is safe….Katherine/Mark! (Are you shocked? I’m not.)

The next couple in jeopardy….Gladys/Tristan!

Donald/Peta….are safe!

Roshon/Chelsie….are in jeopardy!

This is now where we stand…


  • Jaleel/Kym
  • William/Cheryl
  • Katherine/Mark
  • Donald/Peta


  • Maria/Derek
  • Melissa/Maks
  • Gladys/Tristan
  • Roshon/Chelsie

After the commercial, we get right into it….

Melissa/Maks are SAFE! (They had a good week.)

Gladys/Tristan are in the bottom two…they are going to the Dance Duel!

Maria/Derek are SAFE! (Their fans came through – and their week wasn’t too bad. It may have felt like it, but it wasn’t too bad. They got lots of my votes, though.)

So that means Roshon/Chelsie are in the bottom two and are going to the Dance Duel! (This is the second time – this young man does not seem to have a strong fan base.  That spells trouble.)

I just don’t know if Gladys can beat Roshon in a Jive.  I just don’t know.  I think Roshon will have to fall over and completely screw up to lose to Gladys.

But stranger things have happened!

I really hope that Gladys can pull it off, though.  Her attitude and grace this season have just been so wonderful!  She’s been a real joy.  I can’t say the same for Roshon…I still think he needs to learn humility and realize that he’s just not “all that.”  Rob was able to do it last season…why can’t Roshon figure it out this season?

We’re back from commercial and Tom tells about the two couples hugging and encouraging each other.  That’s really nice.

It’s time to start the duel…dancing the JIVE.

I have to say…Roshon was sharper, but I didn’t like the choreography.  It didn’t seem like a Jive. It seemed too gimmicky to me.

Gladys was doing a pretty good job keeping up…and they were actually dancing a JIVE.  It seemed like she was feeling the music.  Technically, not perfect, though.

CarrieAnn chooses to save….Gladys/Tristan.

Len chooses to save….Roshon/Chelsie.

Bruno chooses to save…Roshon/Chelsie.

By a vote of 2 to 1, the judges have chosen to save Roshon/Chelsie.

That means Gladys/Tristan have been eliminated and are going home.

So, what do you think of the results this week?  Did the right couple get sent home?  What do the remaining couples need to do in order to stay in the competition now?

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