Dancing With The Stars Recaps Season 14

DWTS – Elimination Round for Week 5 (SPOILERS!)

The results show begins with Maria and Derek performing the encore dance.  It’s very clear that they’re just having all-out fun at this point – the kiss that happened between Maria and Derek last night moves to CarrieAnn and Bruno tonight.  Fun and funny!

I look back to my first recap of the season and review my thoughts about Maria back then.  I find that I’ve changed my mind.  Even her laugh has grown on me.  She’s nice, she’s funny, she’s talented, and she’s pretty humble about it.

Read on for tonight’s Results Show Recap…

First group awaiting results….Gladys/Tristan, Melissa/Maks, and Maria/Derek.

I have to say, I got a little frightened by Len and Bruno singing “Maria!”  But Maria’s response to whether or not Bruno can “join” was awesome:  “Of course!  He’s a judge!”

And, of course, we go directly to a commercial.

Back from commercial and we get our first sets of results….


Melissa/Maks……SAFE!!!  (Wow…the fans came through.  And I think Melissa just swore on national TV – they had to mute it for a second.  Good thing for the 5 second delay!)


HOLY MACKEREL!!!  I thought for sure that either Melissa or Gladys would be in the bottom two.  I really did.  Oh my goodness…what is tonight going to bring?

There’s a montage from the judges about Dance Duel.  I know there’s been a lot of fuss about this from the fans, but I like it.  Ultimately, it needs to be about the dancing and not the popularity. We’ve seen too many really great dancers sent home way too soon and too many really bad dancers kept way too long (remember Cloris Leachman? The Situation?)

Musical break from Train…with a dance from Cheryl Burke and Louis VanAmstel.  I miss Louis as one of the pros, but it’s so nice to see him dance these professional spotlights. He has more time for that when he’s not competing.  But I hope he returns to competition next season. (I’m running in circles.)

After the commercial Brooke talks to William/Cheryl, Gavin/Karina, and Roshon/Chelsie.  Gavin just has a great way of answering Brooke’s questions…he’s a master of analogy.

But before we have more results, it’s time for the Macy’s Stars of Dance with Sheila E beating on her drums.  That woman sure can beat a drum, too!

Holy crap…that woman has a HUGE headdress on!  Showgirls all over Las Vegas are green with envy.

I’m enjoying listening to Sheila E…but I’m not enjoying the dance.  I hate to say that, but it’s the truth.  I’m totally over that dance.

And, happily for me it ends fairly quickly, but we go immediately to a commercial.


They could make these 30 minutes results shows if they got rid of some of the fluff.  But, I guess it’s the fluff that brings in the viewers and the advertisers.  So, we’ll gladly deal with it, right?

Back from commercial and we go into another – ANOTHER – musical break with Selena Gomez and The Scene.  I understand Selena’s girlfriend boyfriend, Justin Bieber, is on The Voice tonight…or maybe it’s America Idol.  Either way, I’m rather glad he’s not on DWTS.  Actually, I kinda wish they had skipped this particular musical interlude…Selena wasn’t that great tonight. (Oddly, I don’t usually have a problem with her singing.)  From the look on her face, she didn’t think she was that great, either.

On to the next group of dancers…who will be safe and who will be dancing for their lives tonight?

Donald/Peta, Katherine/Mark, and William/Cheryl are next up…the three couples who danced the Argentine Tango.  These are three very high scorers…who’s safe?




Oh my giddy aunt!  So now we have Gavin/Karina, Roshon/Chelsie and Jaleel/Kym…two of these couples will be dancing in the duel tonight.

(ACK!  Target commercial!  I hope Mom’s not watching.)

I’m not sure if Gavin can win against either Roshon or Jaleel.  So, right now, his best hope might just be that the fans voted him through and left Roshon and Jaleel to battle it out.  Honestly, I hope that’s the case.  I really like Gavin and think he’s getting better each week – and he has a fabulous attitude.  I wouldn’t be sad to see either Roshon or Jaleel leave tonight.  Each is talented and each has danced pretty well.  But their attitudes have not been great.  Jaleel, for all of his “it’s not a big deal” bravado about his blow-out with Kym, is an explosion waiting to happen.  And Roshon just really needs to mature.  I haven’t seen enough of that yet.

Back from commercial and we get to the last saved couple.

The couple who is SAFE is…..Roshon/Chelsie!!!

So now it’s Gavin/Karina and Jaleel/Kym in the Dance Duel.

I wish Gavin wouldn’t be so hard on himself…Self-fulfilling prophecy, Gavin!  Say you’ll rock the dance duel…convince yourself and you’ll do great!  Keep saying you’ll lose and, sure enough, you will.  Come on!

That said, Gavin will need to nail it.  Jaleel has good musicality and a feel for different dances.

So, they dance side by side and dance the Cha Cha and will be judged on the quality of the dances that happen right now.

And right now it looks like Jaleel/Kym are actually performing the Cha Cha.  I’m not so sure about Gavin/Karina.  Poor Gavin just seemed completely out of his element – moreso than any other night this season.

The judges give feedback to each of the dancers and make their decisions.  All three of the judges choose to save Jaleel/Kym.

Which means…Gavin/Karina are eliminated in Week 5.

Throughout the elimination interview, Gavin is just smiling and charming.  It’s lovely how every member of the cast comes to Gavin and hugs him with true affection.

It’s telling that members of the cast are giving Jaleel congratulatory pats on the back or kisses on the cheek (and that’s about it).

Just sayin’.

So, what did you think about tonight’s results?

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