Dancing With The Stars Recaps Season 14

DWTS – Elimination Round for Week 4 (Spoilers!!)

KISS is back to open the results show, keeping Rock Week going strong.  It’s nice to see that KISS hasn’t lost it.  I mean, I was never a huge fan – I didn’t own their albums – but I respect their longevity.

Looks like we’re going right into the eliminations.  First up….Gavin/Karina and Melissa/Maks.

We get a view of what happened to Melissa during the performance.  That looked pretty darned serious.  Serious enough that Melissa isn’t even at the show.  Maks very kindly acknowledges Gavin for carrying Melissa to the ambulance.

And…the first couple saved…..…Melissa/Maks!!!

And so are Gavin/Karina!!!!

Excellent!  I’m glad they both get to stick around for another week.  I agree with what Len said last week about Melissa’s dances – they’ve all been the “driven” dances.  I want to see her to a waltz or foxtrot.

Tom Bergeron keeps talking about the surprise elimination for the evening…that we’ll all be shocked.  He even tweeted it earlier this afternoon.

What’s up with that?

Will there really be a surprise elimination?  Or is he just baiting us?

Tom and Brooke keep making reference to this jaw-dropping elimination.  Annoying.

So Len invites Donald and Peta to do an encore of their Paso Doble.  The dance is just as good tonight as it was last night.

Brooke spends time asking silly questions with Gladys/Tristan, Maria/Derek, and Jaleel/Kym.  Perhaps if Brooke asked better questions, she would get better answers.

Okay, I gotta tell ya, Gladys hanging out with KISS is awesome!

Am I the only person who thinks Jaleel is a bit fake?

So…the next safe couple….Maria/Derek!!!!

Jaleel/Kym are safe!!

Gladys/Tristan are SAFE!!!!

Oh my goodness…this just might be a jaw-dropping results show!

Is this Katherine’s night to be eliminated?  Or will Roshon be on the way out? Were William’s screaming fans unable to save him? Will this be the week that Sherri goes into her self-proclaimed tantrum?

The Professionals Montage is an interesting look into their thoughts on the season.  Listening to Tristan is just so wonderful.

Now Brooke is talking to Donald/Peta and Roshon/Chelsie.  Did anyone else see the “Why the hell didn’t you ask me a question?” look that Peta gave Brooke? It was deserving – Brooke talked to everyone but her.

Before more results, we have a special dance by Karina Smirnoff and some dancer whose name I can’t remember.  A very aggressive Tango!  Me likey!  That was an awesome dance!

José Manuel Carreño!

I think that’s his name, if I heard Tom correctly.  Excellent routine.

Oh, look.  James Van Der Beek. Yay.

Moving on.

These are the highest scoring men…one is safe, one is in the bottom two.  (I hope Roshon is in the bottom two.)

The couple who is safe…….Donald/Peta!!!!!

Roshon/Chelsie are in the bottom two.  I’m sad for Chelsie, but not for Roshon.

CARSON KRESSLEY!!!!!!!  Oh I really want to go to DWTS: Live in Vegas!  Who wants to go with me?

They just showed Katherine/Mark, Sherri/Val, and William/Cheryl before going to commercial.  It’s really pretty obvious that Katherine is scared.  I’m scared for her!  I really hope she gets to stay.

I want to see Sherri stay too.  And I want to see William stay.

If they’re doing the dance-off with the bottom two couples, though, can any of these three beat Roshon?  I’d like to think they could.  But you never know with these judges.  They get their favorites in their head and it’s tough to break that.

I guess time will tell.

Back from the commercial and it looks like we’re getting a preview from the show in Las Vegas.  Fun!  How those girls can dance with those huge feathers on their heads is totally beyond me.  It’s Lacey Schwimmer!!!!!  She said she wasn’t going to be on Season 14 because she had “other things” going on that she needed to concentrate on…Now we know!

Did Gladys just stop herself from calling CarrieAnn a bitch?! Ooohhh!

That was a great close-up of Cheryl looking at William with the “WTF” expression!

And Katherine about to cry over a 24..wow.

The next couple coming back next week…..Katherine/Mark!!  They couldn’t hear the results…and thought they were eliminated!!!!  Oh, my.  Their reaction was EXCELLENT!

And now a commercial?  A COMMERCIAL?!  Oh, that’s just mean!!

Mom just found a Target commercial that she likes!!!!  It’s the one with “Samson” the dog who won’t go to his owner when called.  I can’t find the video to embed – it must be too new.

We’re running very low on time here…I don’t know if they will be able to have the bottom two dance for a save by the judges.

The couple who is safe is……William/Cheryl.

So, the bottom two are Roshon/Chelsie and Sherri/Val.

No….there isn’t going to be a dance-off.  There just isn’t time.

So…now it’s the final results…..

The couple eliminated and going home is……Sherri/ValDamn!  Damn!  Damn!  Damn!

That means Roshon/Chelsie are coming back next week.

Okay, Sherri crying is just heartbreaking.  But she still leaves with an inspirational message about facing fears.  She’s a class act.  I can’t wait for her to come back toward the end of the season for the reunion episodes.

So, there it is, boys and girls…the elimination for week 4.  I gotta tell you, I’m not happy about the elimination this week AT ALL.  I would have rather seen Melissa or Jaleel or even Gavin go before Sherri.

I’ll bet all of those folks are heading right to their studios to start working on next week’s dances.  No one is safe!

What do you think?

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