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DWTS – Elimination round for Week 3 (Spoilers!)




Tonight we’ve come to the 2nd round of eliminations – one more star will be sent packing.  This is a tough one.  I’m usually pretty good at calling who is the most likely to be sent home.

Not this year.

The competition has been so tight that I truly believe that it could be any of the stars packing it in tonight.

Tom Bergeron and Brooke Burke Charvet open the live show.

Seal starts out the show singing “Lean on Me”…I love his voice and I love this song.  Members of the troupe dance beautifully. But it looks like one ate it…hope he’s okay.  His feel just slid out from under him and he hit his knees.  See, Melissa?  Even the professionals slip!

Can someone explain to me what Brooke is wearing??  OMG! I’m never quite sure about that woman. Every week, it’s something a bit stranger than the week before.

Len’s impressions from last night:  “Last night was unbelievable.”  “No one deserves to go tonight.”  I actually think he’s right there.  I’d like to see another week with these folks before eliminations.

But, Tom brings on the buzzkill – they won’t be doing that.

First set of dancers are on the stage:

Roshon/Chelsie, Maria/Derek, Gavin/Karina, and Katherine/Mark…who will remain safe and who will be in jeopardy?

Hey…no commercial!  That’s awfully generous of them.

First saved couple…no surprise…Katherine and Mark!  Unless they really screw the pooch, I fully expect to see this couple at least make it to the semi-finals.

Maria and Derek are also safe…again, no surprise there.  I reckon these two will be around for a while as well.  Heck, I could see Katherine and Maria competing against each other in the finals.  Sure.  It could happen.

Gavin and Karina are in jeopardy…I’m bummed about that.  I think he has potential.  Plus, I want to see if he has more hats.

Roshon and Chelsie are safe…I’m happy for Chelsie, but I still don’t like Roshon.  Honestly, I don’t think he’s a great dancer and his attitude is right up there with the most annoying I’ve ever seen.  I want to kick him in the shins too.

Anna and her husband, Jonathan Roberts, will be dancing a special tribute?  Cool.  Anna’s one of my favorites.

William/Cheryl, Jaleel/Kym, and Gladys/Tristan are the next couples on the block.

Julia Ivleva – Russian dancer who was diagnosed with cancer. (Fuck cancer! Fuck cancer! FUCK CANCER!)  She’s a friend of Anna and Jonathan’s and was once a competitive ballroom dancer.  She can no longer dance.  Anna and Jonathan are going to dance a waltz in her honor.  How wonderful of them.

What a very beautiful dance.  So moving.  And how wonderful that Julia was there to see it. Seriously, I was nearly brought to tears by that dance.

Okay, back to William/Cheryl, Jaleel/Kym, and Gladys/Tristan.  (I still don’t know what Jaleel is talking about with the Mickey Mouse thing.)  So Cheryl just admitted that they screwed up at the end, which means they shouldn’t have gotten a 10. HA!

William and Cheryl are safe!! Of course they are, the screamers in the audience would Occupy DWTS if he were to be put in jeopardy.

Gladys and Tristan are in jeopardy…awwww.  I hope they make it.

Jaleel and Kym are safe!! I wonder how long he will last on the show.

Again, I don’t think we’re seeing any surprises right now.  Everything we’ve seen thus far has been pretty expected in my mind.  I won’t be surprised if Melissa and Maks are the next in jeopardy.

This is a tough week to be eliminated…because everyone did so well last night. It will be hard to go home on the heels of such a great performance.  This might be one of the easier weeks to be eliminated, though…because everyone did so well last night.  At least this way the eliminated star isn’t leaving saying “wow, I sucked.”  Instead, it was tough competition.

Now it’s Jack/Anna, Sherri/Val, Donald/Peta, and Melissa/Maks.

Brooke is asking the silly questions again…I really want to kick her in the shins sometimes.  And here she has an envelope with the couple who will be returning next week.

Sherri and Val are safe!  And Sherri nearly takes out Melissa with her victory dance!!!  Oh, but what a victory dance.

Oh, my!!  They’ve just announced that the bottom two couples will have a dance off for the judges…who will decide who goes home!  Oh, that should be fascinating.

Next up is the Macy’s Stars of Dance performance.  Apparently these are the most sought-after dancers in the business.  Clearly, I’m not in the business because I don’t know a single one of them.  Nope.  I don’t.  They’re good dancers, though.

Back from commercial and we have a song from Rascal Flats as Tony dances with a member of the troupe.  It’s the hot brunette!  (I really need to remember her name.)  Quite unfortunately, I’m unfamiliar with the song, but it’s pretty.  And the dance is very nice.  Sharna!!  That’s her name!  I must remember that.  Using her name is so much more respectful than “the hot brunette.”  (But, she really is a hot brunette.)

Back to the standings for Jack/Anna, Donald/Peta, and Melissa/Maks.

Coming back next week….Donald and Peta!!

Melissa and Maks….are SAFE!  (I’m shocked.  Shocked, I tell you!) Their fans must have really kicked in!

Jack and Anna are in jeopardy!  It might have been his hip thrusts.

So, we’re moving into the final results.  Who will remain and who will go home?

Jack/Anna, Gavin/Karina, or Gladys/Tristan.

Honestly, I hope that Gavin and Gladys get to stay.  Besides enjoying their dancing, I just like their personalities.  Jack sort of annoys me. 😦

The couples are at the top of the stairs, waiting to hear the first couple safe…….

Gladys and Tristan are SAFE!  Yay!

So now Jack/Anna and Gavin/Karina have to walk down the stairs of shame (that’s what I like to call them).

The eliminated couple is…..Jack and Anna.

So Gavin and Karina get to dance another day.

Jack does do a nice job of deflecting Brooke’s stupid question (“Are you shocked?”) and simply expresses his gratitude and wishes the rest of the couples good luck. Class. I like it.

Well, the upside for us is that this will free Anna to do more of the professional dances.  Woot!  (I could refer to Anna as “the hot redhead” but…no, actually, I will…because she is a hot redhead.)

What did you think of the eliminations this week?

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