Kate McKinnon added to SNL – I might start watching again

Say Hello to Kate McKinnon, Saturday Night Live’s Newest Castmember.

This news excites me.

For any of you who are familiar with The Big Gay Sketch Show on Logo are probably familiar with Kate’s work.  My favorite McKinnon character is Fitzwilliam, the little British boy who wants nothing more in the world than to have a vagina.  Her impressions are pretty fun, too – her take-offs of Sally Field doing ads for Boniva and Barbara Walters doing crazy interviews are just hilarious.  I like this one of Hilary Clinton also.

I stopped watching Saturday Night Live regularly a few years ago.  It just lost something…I can’t quite put my finger on it…it wasn’t really the same…Oh, wait….I remember.

It lost the humor!

The show just stopped being funny.  It was a waste of my time to watch.  Occasionally I will tune in if there’s a host I’m particularly interested in.  For example, I did watch the Betty White episode.  Especially since they brought so many of the women back – Molly Shannon, Ana Gasteyer, etc.  The entire show still wasn’t up to par, but there were some very funny bits.

Now, I just watch the clips that I happen to catch on Facebook or someone’s blog.  These moments are all I find worth watching.  Since I know someone is going to post something on their wall or web site, I don’t need to sit through an entire viewing.

However, the addition of Kate McKinnon might bring me back to the TV on Saturday nights…just to see how she does.  My hope is that she can bring some life back to the show.  Heaven knows, it needs something.

Plus, hey, first out lesbian on the show since the 1980s?  Yeah, we’ll take that too.

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