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Potpourri for a Wednesday evening

I’ve been doing pretty well lately with actually writing something for this blog each night.  I’m sort of proud of myself for that.

This Saturday, March 31 will mark the end of my “March Madness” – the challenge I made with myself to post something on my blog every day for the month of March.  They haven’t all been hits, but I’ve done them.

I was considering extending the challenge all the way through Easter – sort of my Lenten offering.  I don’t know.  I might still do that.  We’ll see.

Tonight, I’m a bit tired.  Things are just catching up to me.  Knowing that the next couple of weeks before Easter will be busy (must make the Easter pies and other traditional foods, you know), I thought I would have an easy night tonight and, maybe, get some extra sleep.  We’ll see how that “extra sleep” thing works out.

But I did want to make sure I was sharing something.  So, below are just some fun things – none of them really related to the others – that I’m going to put out there for general consumption.

First, a video from my new favorite singer.  Even before DWTS started, I fell in love with Katherine Jenkin’s voice.  Now that we’ve gotten to know her a bit through the show, I that I continue to like her.  She’s personable and upbeat.  I like that.

I can listen to that song over and over and over.  In fact, I often do. 🙂

Next, I wanted to share a few pictures of my family.  For the last few years, I’ve been researching and studying my ancestry.  It’s been quite fun and, sometimes, rather eye-opening.  I’ve learned that I have quite interesting people in my ancestry.  I used to ask my father about our ethnicity on his side of the family.  Mom’s side was easy – Italian, Irish, German.  But it wasn’t so simple with Dad’s side.  I always got the same answer:  “We’re American!”  When I said, “I know that, Dad!  But where did the family come from?” his response was always, “From America!”

Well, as it turns out, Dad wasn’t that far off.  I have quite a number of ancestors were were given British citizen ship while living in North Carolina and Virginia.  I had ancestors who joined with General Thomas Sumter in South Carolina and went on to help win the Revolutionary War.  (They forced Cornwallis out of the Carolinas; Cornwallis then went to Virginia and was defeated.)  So, yeah, in a way, we are “Americans from America.”

But I also learned that I have German on Dad’s side of the family too.  And more than that, I have Swiss ancestry as well.  Pretty neat!  And…if I believe some of the research I’ve seen others doing out there…Saint Joan of Arc just might be my distant Great Aunt.  Neat!

I’ll share more photos another time…along with some interesting information I’ve learned about my family. 🙂  I’m very excited that the 1940 Census is being released on Monday (April 2)…Yay!

Finally, I think I shall call it a night.  I’ve actually spent longer doing this than I’d expected to.  And I’m super tired.  So, bedtime!

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