Dancing With The Stars Recaps Season 14

DWTS – First to go home. (Spoilers!)

So we have come to elimination night.  I think things will be pretty predictable tonight.  But, I’ve learned to expect the unexpected on this show.  I’ll wait until the end.

This is how things stand after the first 2 weeks of dancing:

  • Katherine and Mark – 2 week total of 52/60
  • William and Cheryl – 2 week total of 49/60
  • Roshon and Chelsie – 2 week total of 49/60
  • Jaleel and Kym – 2 week total of 48/60
  • Sherri and Val – 2 week total of 46/60
  • Maria and Derek – 2 week total of 46/60
  • Donald and Peta – 2 week total of 45/60
  • Jack and Anna – 2 week total of 44/60
  • Gladys and Tristan – 2 week total of 42/60
  • Gavin and Karina – 2 week total of 41/60
  • Melissa and Maks – 2 week total of 40/60
  • Martina and Tony – 2 week total of 37/60

Oh, we’re starting the show with our professionals!  How fun.  I always love watching them do their thing without having to hold back. and here comes the troupe!  Yay!  A whole dance floor of amazing talent and fun.  That’s just a whole lot of good looking people!  Yummy!

This is what I look forward to every season. They’re so good!

We’re going right into the eliminations.

First up:  Melissa & Maks, Gladys & Tristan,  and Martina & Tony

So it’s the three lowest scoring women to start.  Combination of judges scores and viewer votes will decide.

The first couple safe is….Melissa & Maks!  Good for them!  I think there’s more good stuff to come from Melissa.

Gladys & Tristan are also safe!!!!  Excellent. I love the joy that Gladys brings to the dance floor.  Plus, Tristan has a cute accent – I like listening to it.

Which means….Martina & Tony are in jeopardy.  Martina’s response was great!  She’s regained her sense of humor.  I think that’s so important for this show…otherwise, it just becomes hellish.

It’s time for the first musical guests of the season…Matt Nathanson and Sugarland.  I’m not sure of the song – haven’t heard this one before.  Seems like a nice song though.  Unfortunately, Mom doesn’t like watching this part of the show…so she’s changed the channel.  I should just go downstairs and watch it on my TV, but she’d start moping.  So I’ll stick around and wait through the stuff that Mom watches.

AAAAANNNNDDDD Mom doesn’t get back to the show in time…I’ve missed part of it.  Great. This is exactly why I am utilizing the new DVR…I’ll need to delay posting and go back to pick up what I missed.

(To her credit, Mom didn’t change the channel for a commercial again throughout the entire show.)

[To the DVR] It looks like Peta and Tristan are dancing to the song.  I really like their interpretation.  And that dress on Peta is really beautiful.

Off to Brooke with the highest scoring guys.

Roshon still annoys me…he’s just too cocky for his own good.  I’m trying really hard not to have a completely negative attitude toward the kid.  He’s been dancing well, but he just annoys me.  Jaleel is very charming and self-deprecating. I like him.  Does Brooke really have to bring up the screaming crowds?  It only makes them scream again.  Sheesh!  Oh God…they’re doing the Salsa next week.  More screaming.  I’ve gotta say…William’s son is just a beautiful little boy.

Now it’s time to find out who is safe and who is in jeopardy….after the commercial!  Always after the commercial!  Blargh.

Jaleel & Kym are SAFE!  Yay!!  I really want to keep them around for a while.

Roshon & Chelsie are in jeopardy.  (Okay, we all know they aren’t really in jeopardy.)

William & Cheryl are SAFE!  (Tom:  “Happily we’re avoiding a riot.”)

Does anyone else think Brooke Burke Charvet is a flippin’ moron?  They couldn’t find someone else to replace Samantha Harris?  Samantha was great!  I really miss her.  Personally, I think the should ditch Brooke and let Carson Cressley take her place.  He might even look better in some of the dresses.

The requisite “I don’t want to be eliminated” montage.  I love Sherri’s candidness – if she’s eliminated, there will be no leaving gracefully.  “I’m just gonna start crying.  I’m gonna fall on the floor and start boo-hooing like I lost somebody.”

Poor Martina is so vehement that she’s not going home first – I think she will.  😦  [/end of the DVR and back to live]

Time for the troupe to do their thing.  It’s always fun to watch what they do.  Each dancer has his or her particular specialty and the choreography is always very good at really highlighting what each can do.  Mom doesn’t find the boys in the troupe very attractive this year.  That’s okay…I think the girls are attractive!  (Particularly the brunette.  Meow!)

One day, I’m convinced, my mother will actually remember names and stop referring to people as “the chubby one” or “it’s the cutie”  or “oh, her” when they show past contestants.

(Every time the Target commercial with the people jumping out of the hot air balloon comes on, I have to hear it from my mother – she HATES the commercial. And she lets me know every.single.time.  ARGH!)

Dancing With The Stars Live in Vegas?!?!  When can I get my tickets??  I would totally go see that!

Brooke is talking to the highest scoring women…and asking silly questions, as usual.  Seriously, when she asks if someone is surprised to be at the top of the leader board, does she really expect them to say, “Oh, of course!  No one here is as good as I am!”  Sheesh.

Maria has 2 broken ribs?  Goodness.  I hope she doesn’t hurt herself more as she keeps dancing.  Interesting that her reaction to Brooke mentioning the broken ribs seems to be “thanks for telling the world, Brooke!” Why do they insist on filming Maria laughing?

So Val tells Sherri “don’t forget your steps” and that’s just what Sherri did.  But she covered nicely.

Honestly, I could watch Katherine do that jive again and again and again.

Poor Bruno…Carrie Ann is just railing on him.  Deservedly so.  🙂  “Those are how you do flicks.”  Hmmm.

Will they declare all of them safe?  They’ve done it in the past…will they do it again?

YES THEY WILL!!!!  All of them are safe!

Don’t hug Maria too tightly!!!!  You’ll hurt her ribs!  Yikes!

I think Sherri is a little excited about coming back next week – her little screaming run across the stage sort of gives it away.  She cracks me up!

And we get another performance from Sugarland.  THIS song I know…and I like it a lot.  I listen to it at least once a day.  The troupe is in there shaking their groove things.

Okay, I simply lust after Jennifer Nettles.  Yes, I said it…I lust after her.  I usually don’t watch the singing competitions, but Jennifer Nettles and Kelly Clarkson?  Yeah, I might have to check that out this summer.

Time to move into more eliminations.  (Mom still loves Peta’s dress.)

Could we have another declaration that all are safe?  Nah.  They usually don’t do that more than once on a results show.

But Donald and Peta are definitely safe!!  Knew that was coming.

Gavin and Karina are in Jeopardy.  Knew that was coming, too.  Though, potentially, they could be next to be eliminated if Gavin doesn’t pick up his game.

Jack and Anna are safe!!  That was on the fence, actually – in my mind, it could have gone either way.

So, here are the couples who are in jeopardy:

  • Martina & Tony
  • Roshon & Chelsie
  • Gavin & Karina

I’m putting my money on the boys being safe.  I really think that Martina will be the first to be eliminated.

It should be that way, too.  Martina truly was the worst of the dancers.  I don’t like to say it, but there it is.  I love Martina, don’t get me wrong.  But she’s just not a dancer.  I give her all kinds of credit for getting out there.  I sure wouldn’t have been able to do it.

So now it’s time to reveal the couple that gets to stay….Roshon & Chelsie are safe!!  Expected.

Martina & Tony and Gavin & Karina are the two lowest couples.

And the first couple eliminated is…..Martina & Tony.

Yes, yes…to be expected.  Aw, Gavin was so sweet – “it was an honor to be on this stage with you.”  How very nice of him.  The audience gets to their feet in tribute to Martina, as well.

There we have it…the first elimination of Season 14.  Was it what you expected?

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