Dancing With The Stars Recaps Season 14

Whereas last week rocked, this week was rocky – welcome to reality, DWTS

Week 2 of Dancing With the Stars has pretty high standard to measure up to – last week was amazingly good.  So will the stars be able to handle it this week?

Time will tell, my friends.  Time will tell.

Roshon and Chelsie dancing the Quickstep.

  • I’m sorry, I still don’t like this guy.  He’s just not as cool as he thinks he is.  I find him annoying.
  • Overall, the kid did a pretty good job on this dance.  I don’t like the expression on his face, though.  Is it just me, or is he making “duck lips”?  Ew.
  • He kind of screwed up the very end of it – futzing with the bracelet in his pocket.  But, overall, it was a good dance.
  • 9 from Carrie Ann, 8 from Len, 9 from Bruno
  • 26 total points:  Personally, I thought the score was too high…perhaps all 8s would have been more appropriate.  But, then, I’m not paid to be a judge, am I?

Sherri and Val dancing the Jive.

  • I love that Sherri just keeps her sense of humor throughout the entire process.  I think it’s true that the is the happiest competitor ever.
  • GOLD FRINGE!!!  Oh, yes, Girl!
  • Sherri can shake it and work some fringe.  It’s fun, it’s lively.  She botched something there in the middle, but her attitude just pulls her right through it.  I think she handled it better than Val, in fact.
  • 8 from Carrie Ann, 7 from Len, 8 from Bruno (“You missed a part, but I don’t care!”)
  • 23 total points:  Another very respectable score for Sherri.  I figured she would get dinged for the flub in the middle.  However, true to their word, the judges gave credit for picking up and getting it done.  They always say the recovery is the important part of making a mistake.

Melissa and Maks dancing the Quickstep.

  • She dated billy Idol in the 80s…didn’t she date most eligible guys in the 80s?  Oh, that made her sound slutty…I didn’t mean that.  She was just the “It girl” in the 80s…so she was out and about with all of the good looking guys.
  • “This is harder than childbirth.”  Yikes!  I’ll take your word for it, Melissa…since I’ll never do either.
  • Looks like the floor is a little slick up there!  Yikes.  She’s doing well – seems a bit more comfortable with the Quickstep this week, but she still has that nervous look.  She’s trying too hard.    She needs to just relax and have some fun.  Goodness…she’s dancing with MAKS!  Melissa, take a lesson from Sherri on how to dance with a Chmerkovskiy.
  • I wonder about the choices Maks makes in his choreography – they seem a bit frantic sometimes.
  • 7 from Carrie Ann, 6 from Len, 7 from Bruno
  • 20 total points:  Matched their scores from week 1.  I think the judges were dead-on with these scores.  They agree with me – Melissa needs to chill and enjoy.

Jack and Anna dancing the Jive.

  • Jack sweats!  Whew!  One thing I’ll say for him – he sure is putting in the effort!
  • I’m sorry, but Jack Wagner is so very stuck in the 80s.  He really, really is.
  • The dance is not too bad.  He really needs to get the footwork down.  It’s not crisp.  I’m sure Bruno will have something to say about his kicks and flicks.  Personally, I think he’s trying really hard just to keep with the beat.
  • 7 from Carrie Ann, 7 from Len, 7 from Bruno (“Kicks and flicks need to be right on.”  – Yeah, I called that one.)
  • 21 total points:  I thought this score was too high.  I expected at least two 6s.

Gladys and Tristan dancing the Quickstep.

  • “I don’t want to just pass.  I want to do good.”  She’s working so hard and has a wonderful attitude.
  • Once again, she is dressed beautifully.  I love that gown on her.  Such great colors.
  • I like the light up piano keys on the floor!  What fun!
  • She might get dinged a bit for her less than stellar footwork at times and her hold seems a little loose.  But, overall, I think she’s doing a nice job.
  • The judges don’t seem excited – universally say that she needs to work on frame and posture. It looks like Gladys was ready for those comments.
  • 7 from Carrie Ann, 5 from Len (“I didn’t appreciate the dance tonight.”), 7 from Bruno
  • 19 total points:  Wow.  Len was way harsh!  Really.  But Gladys – being the legendary woman she is – took the scores with grace.  You go.
Katherine and Mark dancing the Jive.
  • OH MY GOD!  Can Katherine Jenkins be any more adorable??  “He wants me to shake my naughty bits.”  Oh, the giggles!  THE GIGGLES!!
  • Wow.  This is another really great dance.  She does NOT have problems shaking her bits – naughty or otherwise.  Even Tom can be heard saying, “You have problems with the sexy?  I don’t think so.”
  • 9 from Carrie Ann (“I’m all hot and bothered from that one.”), 8 from Len, 9 from Bruno (“The blonde bombshell is unleashed!”)
  • 26 total points:  Once again, outstanding scores!  I think Katherine might be the one to beat this year.  She’s not well known in the U.S….YET.  She’s going to win some folks over, that’s for sure.
Jaleel and Kym dancing the Jive.
  • Jaleel White is definitely a charming guy.  A quote from my mom:  “He’s really kind of cute!”  So sayeth the Mom.
  • Oh, I really don’t think this is a good song for the jive.  Not at all.  It’s too slow.  It doesn’t make for a sharp dance, and the Jive should be sharp.  It makes Jaleel seem really heavy on is feet.   (Another quote from mom:  “Maybe it’s the white shoes.”)
  • I wasn’t thrilled by this performance.  I’m sure Len won’t be either, but he might surprise me
  • 7 from Carrie Ann, 7 from Len, 8 from Bruno
  • 22 total points:  Bruno was a bit too generous, I think.  I called it, though.  The judges were not excited about that performance.  That song would have worked better for a Foxtrot or a Quickstep.  It was just too slow for a Jive.
Maria and Derrick dancing the Quickstep.
  • We’re going to commercial, we haven’t even seen the scores for Jaleel and Kym,  and I’m already dreading the laugh.
  • Oh dear, do we have our first injury of the season?  Maria seems to have hurt her ribs.
  • I’m convinced – Derrick likes leap frogging over his dance partners.  I’m sure that I saw a lift in there and I’m waiting for CarrieAnn to have a conniption.  But maybe that wasn’t a lift.  I don’t know!
  • Overall, that was a really solid dance.  Maria kept up well and she maintained her posture.  There were a few “off” moments, but I really liked the dance.
  • 8 from Carrie Ann, 8 from Len (“Quickstep is about speed and control and you had both”), 9 from Bruno
  • 25 total points:  Nice scores.  I think Bruno’s is a tad high, but…that’s Bruno.  High praise from all of the judges on posture and frame.  Nice.
Martina and Tony dancing the Jive.
  • I mentioned last week that Martina might be the weak link.  This week has born that out, I believe.
  • Okay, they do NOT have her costumed well.  I’m sorry…she looks like a bit of a drag queen in that outfit.  Really?  A fishing net?
  • It’s nice to see Martina being vulnerable at the rehearsals.  It humanizes her in a nice way.
  • As the dance starts, I can already tell that this isn’t going to be pretty.  I want to look away because it’s making me uncomfortable.  Poor Martina.  She’s just not comfortable – not with the dance, not with the costume, not with herself.
  • All of the judges got kisses, but I don’t think it’s going to help.
  • from Carrie Ann, 5 from Len, 6 from Bruno (“Oh my darling, that serve went into the net”)
  • 17 total points:  I’m surprised Carrie Ann and Bruno each gave her a 6.
Gavin and Karina dancing the Jive.
  • Poor Gavin:  “I want to quit right now.”  Karina is a tough taskmaster.  But she pulls good performances out of people.
  • Of course, he’s wearing a hat.  If we ever see him without a hat, I’ll be shocked.
  • He’s trying damned hard – doing a better job than Martina.  The footwork needs help – he’s rather flatfooted.  This was not a great performance, but it didn’t out right suck.
  • 7 from Carrie Ann, 7 from Len, 7  from Bruno
  • 21 total points:  I thought these scores were high.  They talked a lot about his bad footwork, and then gave him fairly high scores.  Don’t agree.
Donald and Peta dancing the Quickstep.
  • “Quickie” was his nickname?  Really?
  • Mom quote:  “That’s a pretty dress she has on!”
  • The dance starts with a cute opening.  I’m really glad the music picked up – I thought we were going to have another case of mismatched music.  Overall, this is a fun dance.  Donald is doing pretty well.  I’d like to see him be a bit lighter on his feet, though.
  • 8 from Carrie Ann, 8 from Len, 8 from Bruno
  • 24 total points: Given that Len admitted to scoring them too low last week, I expected higher scores from the judges.  However, I think the scores are accurate.
William and Cheryl dancing the Quickstep.
  • We’re going into commercial after Donald and Peta finished up and already the screaming has started.  Oh my lord.  If I roll my eyes anymore at this display in the audience, they might just end up rolling right out of their sockets.
  • I’m not a fan of the opening.  The dance is going fairly well.  I just wish the audience would stop SCREAMING!  Did they stop to think that they might hurt his chances if he can’t hear the music?
  • He has energy and charisma, but I still don’t think his posture is that great and his footwork can use some help.
  • from Carrie Ann, 7 from Len, from Bruno
  • 25 total points: HA!  Len and I were right in the same place – He called out the footwork and the frame.  Carrie Ann and Bruno need to stop judging with their hormones – William isn’t that great of a dancer.

And that rounds out week 2.

Katherine and Mark have a pretty strong lead right now.  It’s a pretty sure bet that they will be back next week.

My guess is that Martina will be eliminated tomorrow night.  If she is, it will be too bad.  I’d like to see her grow into the dancing and do more.

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