Caution: Under Construction (OR Re-imaging and Re-naming: The process continues)

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, my friends.

I was having some fun this evening with themes for the blog.  Not to write about.  But actual themes provided by WordPress for blogs.

I chose a new one.  It’s simpler.  Sleeker.  Hopefully, less cluttered.

I’m still working on a new name for the blog.  So far, I have the following as options:

  • Carleen’s Explosive Culture Shock
  • The Click and Scroll
  • Exponential Bug

Once I have a few more choices, I’m hoping to put it out to a poll.  I’d like to see what other’s think.

I’ve asked a couple of friends from work to look over the blog, read some of the posts, and give me some ideas for creative names.  The first two on the list above came from one of those friends.  “Exponential Bug” is just something I ended up saying in a conversation (and yes, it was relevant and made perfect sense in context).

So, tell me:  What are your thoughts on the new layout?  Do you like this better?  Or is it too boring?

Authors like reviews. Bloggers like comments. Show some love! Or, you know, disagree with me. Just keep it civil. (Trolls and nastiness will be deleted.)

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