The anticipation is killing us! Thank goodness for spoilers.

‘Bones’ Creator ‘Confident’ of Renewal | XFINITY TV Blog by Comcast.

Well, I sure do hope they are confident of renewal!  And I sure do hope they get renewed!

After a season of waiting and waiting and waiting for new episodes, Bone-ios (as Bones fanatics are called) will be chomping at the bit for more and more and more.  This is particularly true now that Baby-Bones’ appearance is imminent.  I think this birth might be more real to die-hard Bones fan than the birth of Emily Deschanel’s baby.  It’s Emily’s fault we’ve had to wait so long for new episodes – her and her maternity leave!  Okay, it’s not really her fault.  It’s thanks to Emily being pregnant that we have our long-awaited Booth/Brennan hook-up and subsequent offspring.   So, yes, we should be thanking her.

The only problem now is that they’ve moved Bones from Thursday nights to Monday nights.  That is going to totally conflict with Dancing With The Stars.   I guess it’s a good thing that Mom has TiVo…and I know how to find full episodes online. 🙂

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